4 Industries Women Are Absolutely Killing it In

Women in Business

Today, women generally make up half or more of college graduates. With the demand for gender equality, more women are entering male-dominated fields and SUCCEEDING. Here are some fields where women have been shining.


The days in which women in healthcare were associated almost exclusively with nursing are long gone. We are seeing more women than ever working as doctors and in healthcare management and policy. When Jane Chen was interviewed about women in healthcare, she said that she feels that women tend to be more collaborative and compassionate, both of which are highly valued in the field.

According to Catalyst, this is also the first time in history that women are advancing in healthcare as well, such as Dr. Margaret Gyetko and Sonya Jacobs, Director of the University of Michigan Medical School. Dr. Gyetko even commented that she felt rather isolated while in medical school due to being the only woman to advance in the field during her time. As a result, she is very grateful for the change.

Moving Companies

More and more honest, high-quality, woman-owned companies fill the ranks of movers across the country, according to Moving Company Reviews. While real estate has long had women in it, up until fairly recently, moving companies were male-dominated. Now, at least 17 moving companies and national chains are women-owned. Some started from the ground up. Several co-own their companies with their husbands or families. This is just one of many fields in which women are breaking the stereotypes of what they are capable of.

Jazz Vocalism

Jazz vocalism has long been associated with male dominance with the women as dancers or shakers. Today, many talented women, such as Yazmin Lacey, are lending themselves to the scene. They are coming from all over the world, too. Viviane, for example, is a native of Nice, France.

Solar Industry

Solar Powered World explains that currently, women still make up only about 20 percent of employees in the solar industry. However, the ones who are in it appear to be thriving. Working in renewable energy is highly rewarding once you understand how it works. The solar industry also tends to have a social enterprise, which tends to be attractive to women. This industry is rapidly growing.

With the demand to close the gender gap, times have become friendlier for women to enter fields that were previously considered to be male-dominated. As society advances, we can expect to see more and more women totally rocking these industries and more.

As a business leader, it is important to always be learning. Check out more of our articles on leadership and management.


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