4 Things to Know Before Hiring a Recent College Grad

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If you’re looking to hire a recent college grad, you’ll be able to easily find one. At any given time, there are countless grads searching for a job. That’s because they just finished their schooling and they’re ready to make their mark on the world. There’s always plenty to choose from, but before you hire one, here are four things you should know.

Grads Need a Positive Work Environment

By hiring grads, you are putting your business closer and closer to being ahead of the curve due to their high levels of creativity and desire to make a difference. College programs prepare students to enter the workforce, so it’s vital to not overlook their past experience and knowledge. It’s been found that grads need to feel welcomed, accepted, and like they are a necessary part of your business. If they feel useless, ignored, or rejected, the chances of them leaving for another company that cares about what they can do increases greatly.

They Will be Inexperienced, So Check Their GPA & References

Since most college grads won’t have much job experience, you’ll have to vet them in other ways. First, take a look at the GPA of the potential hire if they include it on their resume. Second, check their references. Do they have people in the business that can vouch for them? Both of those are critically important to ensure that you’re hiring someone who is smart, driven, passionate, and hardworking.

They Will Require Additional Training

Someone who is fresh out of college and ready to start working will require extra training. You’ll likely have candidates that have been in the business for years and know how everything works. You’ll also have recent graduates who have fresh ideas and are eager to learn. Those who are new will need a bit more training. That’s because they’re learning new concepts, rules, workloads, and more. In these cases, training courses and programs can help build employees up so they are ready to take on new challenges and advance through the company. Just take the time to make sure they’re properly trained before letting them be on their own.

Recent Grads Will Need Feedback

After hiring a recent grad, you’ll need to keep a close eye on them in the beginning. They will also appreciate this. This is so that you can make sure they’re adjusting, following rules, and understanding the workflow. If this is their first post-college job, then they will likely have lots of questions. If you’re close by, you can keep a watchful eye and help them to learn.

Hiring a recent college grad means more work for your company. That’s because they’ll need extra training. Recent college grads prove their worth frequently, however. They have new ideas that haven’t been heard, they’re hardworking, and they’re passionate about whatever field they’re going into.


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