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A health fair is an excellent way to show employees that you care about them and their well-being. It’s also a great way to help you build the kind of work culture you envision for your workplace. Regardless of the size of your company, you can easily host a worthwhile and educational health fair for your employees. Here are some ideas that you will want to keep in mind when putting on an employee health fair.

Generate Excitement

The first step in making sure that your health fair is a success is to generate excitement about it at all levels of your organization. You may want to offer paid time to attend the fair. Plan the corporate health fair when most people will be available. Keep deadlines to a minimum during the fair. You may also choose to give away awesome prizes for attending. Use this as an opportunity to give away company or event swag. This is a great way to get people excited about the event and boost employee morale. 

Choose the Right Vendors

Choosing the right vendors can make your health fair a success. Think about vendors who can put on an interactive display. That said, you should choose a venue with presentation technologies, so vendors have everything they need to employ interactive games, videos, and educational materials.

Additionally, make sure that you do not invite the same vendors every year. You might also want to think about the variety of vendors that you invite, such as a massage therapist, mental health professionals, and family health practitioners.

Plan Fun Activities 

While some in attendance will want to walk around and look at booths, try to come up with fun, healthy activities to do. Encourage management to try these activities, as more people will take part when they see management laughing at themselves. In so doing, you can turn your health fair into a fun team-building exercise. 

Organize a Committee

Get as many people involved as possible in planning the health fair. For example, one group can come up with healthy foods for everyone to eat, another group can organize speakers, and another group can be responsible for setting up and breaking down the health fair. When everyone has a task at a corporate health event, they feel more involved in the day’s activities and are more apt to join others.

Hosting a health fair can be a great activity for your company regardless of its size. Get a variety of vendors to come by starting to plan early. Offer prizes throughout the day. Play some fun games with management involved. There is no need to do all the work yourself; share the load with your employees. The reward for your hard work will be a healthier workforce, allowing your employees to boost productivity and have a better work-life balance.