4 Ways To Attract More Customers Through Social Media

Social Media

For businesses who wish to make the most out of their digital marketing tools and strategies, one of the most effective medium that you ought to take advantage of is social media. It’s more than just about posting photos, responding to comments, and socializing per se. Given the population and traffic that social media sites consistently have, it can be the perfect avenue to attract more customers. Not to mention that social media will also give your business a wider reach.

That said, among all other techniques that your business should employ, you should strive to perfect your social media strategy, especially when you’re selling custom products to social media users. If not, then you’re letting the competition take the lead.

With that in mind, here are four ways to attract more customers by harnessing the power of your social media networks:

1. Use Social Media Analytics To Your Advantage

Supposed you’ve been consistent with applying social media strategies across all of your social media channels. What’s missing? Take note that it goes beyond just applying the right strategies. If you don’t go through your social media analytics, you won’t have the means to determine the strength of your social media strategies.

Your account’s analytics refers to the data that’ll give you information on how good or bad a specific strategy is performing. That way, periodically, you can perform your audit to stop focusing on the strategies that don’t even bring in results. Rather, you can focus all your time and effort on social media strategies that are proven effective.

To help you out, here are tips on how you can analyze and track your social media analytics:

  • Access your social media analytics so you can have insights into your followers’ behavior. This will give you a number of choices relating to page followers, actions done on the page, and page views.
  • Set your goals. You won’t be able to understand how your social media analytics and data related to your business’s success if you don’t have goals to set. These goals should help you determine what numbers in your analytics are important to lead you towards achieving your goals.
  • Use outside resources to your advantage. The Internet is now overflowing with resources that’ll give you insights into how you can study and track your analytics. Use all of these outside resources to your advantage so you can better make use of the analytics system that your social media channels come with.


2. Increase Social Media Engagement

To stay competitive, you ought to know that it’s now not just enough to post social media content and then end there. You have to make it a part of your strategy to engage with your audience, followers, or your customers.

Also, don’t just be passive. This means that when followers make comments on your social media sites, do take the time to reply to them as well. The more engaging you are, the more word will get out about your existence. This is because it shows that you’re a good brand to follow and that you aren’t just there simply to sell. It also improves your image when your customers feel that you’re human enough to respond to their comments – both good and bad – and not just another corporate entity.

That said, here are key steps to increase your social media engagement:

  • Post content that’s always worth engaging. This means that you ought to seriously review all your content before you even post one;
  • Encourage readers to comment, like, and share. This also means hosting giveaways from time to time, wherein all your followers will have a chance of winning just by commenting, liking, or sharing your post;
  • Use media in every post. Doing so means avoiding your content from being too boring and text-heavy, particularly on Facebook;
  • Ask questions and polls, like on your Instagram stories, to encourage conversations with your followers;
  • Create captivating headlines so you can encourage your social media visitors to keep reading through the post or the caption.

3. Be Socially Active

How often do you post on your social media accounts? If it isn’t that frequent, then perhaps now you’ve got to double time and increase the frequency of your posts. The more socially active you are, the higher the edge that you have against your competitors. Because you’re active, this shows your audience that you still exist and that you’re worthy of their trust and attention.

These are some of the most effective tips that’ll work to heighten your social media presence:

  • Identify your goals and objectives, which means that you know what you’re after, even before you start posting;
  • Understand their needs, so that your audience’s propensity to interact and engage with you improves simply because your post meets their needs;
  • Share your post to everyone, but don’t be spammy – just be sure to get the word out about your new posts, so that your followers are going to know that there are new posts.

4. Use The Right Images

Regardless of the social media account that you’re using, it’s important to put in the right images. If your social media posts are all just going to be text, then that defeats the purpose of attracting more customers.

However, it’s not just enough to post photos at random. The images or graphics that you use need to be eye-catching or have to fit the niche your business belongs.

Here are some guidelines on how to use the right images for your social media posts:

  • Use better-quality photos;
  • For better branding and memory recall, be consistent with your image and videos style;
  • Be mobile-friendly, which means that your images shouldn’t get distorted when they’re viewed from a mobile platform.


In closing, this isn’t to say that you should apply these strategies all at once. Take it one strategy at a time to see if it works for your specific business niche. Moreover, this list is by no means exhaustive. So, if there are other social media strategies that you know will work well for your business, have your team apply them as well.

With the competition that businesses now face in the online arena, it’s time for you to double time and strengthen your strategies. Soon enough, you’ll see these social media strategies bring in more customers to your business.



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