5 Best Audiobooks On Work Life Balance


What is the biggest challenge for any millennial in today’s world? Maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Today’s generation is just so obsessed with showing off their wealth and careers that they find no time to look at the sunset or spend a quality evening with a loved one. But will material success contribute to your personal growth and happiness in the long run? These enlightening audiobooks have all the tips, hacks, and basic guidelines for living a life that is both productive as well as stimulating to our well-being.

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

Do you mostly struggle with your annoying, unproductive habits in your daily life? Charles Duhigg’s bestseller audiobook, The Power of Habit, gives you an insight into how your daily habits influence your entire life in the long run. Why do some people or companies have the power to change within a day while some people stay stuck in the same old habits for years? What is the motivating force behind the change? The answers to these questions lie nowhere but deep within your brain. This audiobook reveals the secret tricks behind incorporating life-changing habits into our life. The key takeaway of this audiobook is that habits are everything. Habits are the single most important thing in life that makes a difference between successful and unsuccessful people. The audiobook shows us how the right habits have the power to change every single thing in the world from childrearing to productivity, exercise to weight loss, market disruption to social revolution, and, most importantly, success.

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

David Allen’s self-help classic, Getting Things Done (GTD) is everything you need to know about work-life balance. Are you someone who is always busy ticking off the to-do list and cannot find time for other things in life? This audiobook gives busy people a completely practical approach so that they take control over their lives and how they want to utilize their time. In this fast-paced age of multitasking, you need to ace some of your mental skills. This audiobook helps you develop these skills. The audiobook makes a loud statement that your productivity is not something that is destined to happen. There is a science behind it. The fascinating philosophies of productivity, time management, and work-organization in this audiobook are life-altering eye-openers. This audiobook helps you gain new clarity about the power of purpose in life. David Allen tells you why even your relaxation is a part of your productivity and few basic rules in life you should follow to get things done.

The 5 Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday

Desperately want something to be done from your to-do list? Don’t give yourself more than five seconds! This audiobook tells us to get out of our comfort zones and push ourselves to take small actions every single day. Small actions are all it takes to achieve something big in life. Getting started is the only way you can progress from your current status in life and move towards a brighter and more successful phase. We all have certain goals and ambitions we want to achieve in life. But they are of no use if you do not start working towards them. This audiobook instills in you the confidence and courage to do tasks that you have been procrastinating for too long. Mel Robbins tells us all the life hacks for a happier, fulfilled, and more productive life so that you can maintain the perfect work-life balance.

Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder

In our everyday productivity race where we keep chasing success and money, are we forgetting to take care of ourselves? This audiobook tells us about how workplace burnout is now an epidemic. In this race, is the finish line success? Or are we just sacrificing our relationships and self-development time for nothing? Arianna, in this audiobook, tells us that life is not about those late nights you stay awake to prepare presentations or your promotions up the corporate ladder. Rather, life is all about those small beautiful moments we create, the adventures we share, the things that make us laugh, our small acts of kindness, and other things that matter in the long run. This one is a deeply personal audiobook where Ariana shares her own life experience about how running after fame left her exhausted for life. She tells us to focus on our intuition and sense of wonder through meditation, mindfulness, and unplugging rather than mindless chasing.

How to Have a Good Day

Want to make your everyday life feel like a big achievement? All you need to do is follow some basic scientific ideas in your everyday plans and tasks. If you want to level up your job satisfaction and work performance, you have to create an impact every day at work. This audiobook gives you practical tips to achieve this. From setting better priorities and making the hours go further to strengthening your personal impact and being resilient in the face of setbacks, you need to learn to be better in your everyday life. This audiobook guides you on how to turn every interaction into a success and sustain your energy throughout the day. From conflict with colleagues to dull meetings, this audiobook has all the specific tools to deal with every workplace problem ever. The audiobook has so many success stories of real-life people who have applied these hacks in their own lives and careers.


The best part about each of these audiobooks is that they have a very practical approach towards productivity and balancing it off with your personal life. 10audioz has a bunch of best motivation audiobooks suggestions if you are planning to make audiobooks a part of your life. These audiobooks do not promote any unrealistic or unachievable goals, but focus rather upon a way of life that each one of us can easily apply just with little effort. You can pick 2-3 books from the list and start applying the suggestions in your daily life for a better work-life balance.


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