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One field that has grown exponentially since its advent is Information Technology (IT.) There are more and more career opportunities in this industry every year, as more systems and processes are switched from manual to automated and computer-assisted. If you’re considering going into IT, you should definitely know about these exciting new careers.

Graphic Designer

Though many tasks are being automated, graphic design is an IT career that computers may not soon be able to do themselves. A good eye, skillful hand and the ability to learn graphics design programs such as Photoshop is all you need to start a career in this lucrative IT sector.

Virtual Reality Engineer

As Virtual Reality (VR) grows and discovers new areas of use such as medical, gaming and business, new careers are in demand for VR engineers. As a technician or engineer in the field of VR, you can work for an IT company to develop software for use in VR systems for home or commercial use. You may need to learn standard coding and be willing to work with cutting edge technology, but salaries are high in this brand new sector of the IT industry.

Careers in ITMobile Security Expert

With most websites implementing mobile apps now, there is often a lot of concern for mobile security. This is especially true with companies that are new to mobile, and need an expert opinion every step of the way. In this field you can get a career working as a programmer or debugger to design secure systems for companies, or even as a tester who puts current systems to the test.

Electronic Medical Records Expert

Most medical offices and hospitals are converting from paper records to Electronic Medical Records (EMR). In fact, in some jurisdictions, healthcare providers must switch over to avoid legal penalties. This is making record-keeping more efficient and universally compatible, and it’s also opening thousands of jobs in the IT sector for those who want to create and service EMR systems. EMR data migration is, in fact, one of the fastest growing areas in IT right now, as medical offices seek to comply with EMR regulations in a timely manner.

Phone and Tablet Repair Person

In the past, the average person could repair their own electronics, as pieces were large and simple, and special tools weren’t often needed. Each year this becomes less feasible, and people are turning to repair experts. For a career in electronics repair, you just need the ability to work with small tools and follow tedious instructions.


The IT field is growing rapidly and new careers are popping up every day. Two shining examples of this are the industries of electric cars and healthcare. With a degree or thorough training, you can be successful in this field for years to come.

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