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Recruitment is a critical part of any organization, and it is more complicated than just conducting interviews. Hiring the wrong employee can be time-consuming and costly in the long run. However, hiring the right worker is profoundly beneficial in terms of increased productivity and positive work environment. Below are several tips to improve your hiring process, and in turn, your business.

Build A Strong Brand 

5 Easy Hacks to Take the Suck Out of Hiring 1

Creating a strong brand enables you to decrease employee turnover and also attract new suitable employees significantly. A report by OfficeVibe indicates that a lot of individuals are passive candidates looking for new opportunities. Another survey by Glassdoor shows that most employees are looking for an employer who actively manages their brands.

Be Swift

Research has shown that the best candidates don’t stay in the job market for long. It is therefore essential to act swiftly especially when you know the type of candidates you need. Involve them in the process by keeping them up to date and promptly responding to any concerns.

Define the Job 5 Easy Hacks to Take the Suck Out of Hiring 2

Perhaps, job analysis is the most vital part of the hiring process. Analysis helps to collect critical information that will enable you to create a better job description. Most employers write descriptions with only complicated and verbose requirements and responsibilities. However, according to a study by the Wall Street Journal, lack of proper description alienates potential qualified employees. Instead, focus more on doing your best to communicate primary tasks needed, and preferred qualifications.

Carefully Review the Credentials

You should carefully consider the employee’s cover letters and other necessary credentials during the hiring process. Check for the qualifications, skills, experience, and other desired characteristics. Although it might take more time, it is worth it to avoid hiring the wrong employee. Due to the popularity of social media, some employers are tempted to extend their research on these platforms. However, it is legally risky to use a candidate’s social media platforms when making the hiring decisions.

Consider Personality More Than Skills

5 Easy Hacks to Take the Suck Out of Hiring 3

Most employers mainly concentrate on the employee’s skill set when hiring. However, any individual can acquire skills, but cannot change their personality. It is therefore important to consider how the personality and the attitude of the candidate fits with the job description and company culture. Personality depends on the culture of your organization or the kind of job at hand. For example, empathy is more suited for a nurse than a lawyer.

Background Checks

Running background checks enables you to know more about the candidates, and should be something you do regularly when hiring. Pre-employment assessments involves verifying the presented details and information in the credentials. You should contact the references or former employers, check educational credentials, and criminal records to ensure that you’re hiring the best possible candidate. This will save your business money in the long run, as you won’t have to put in more time and resources in hiring another person in the future.