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If you don’t provide the social media marketing services your audience need, they’re bound to find other agencies. While you can’t offer every type of social media marketing service known to man, the key is to focus on the services that your target market most likely needs. 

In this guide, we’ll cover the top five social media marketing services your agency should offer to help attract more clients and, in turn, grow your revenue. 

1. Channel specific social media marketing

Before considering the type of social media marketing services to offer, identify the social media channels to focus your efforts on.

For instance, you need to know which platforms your potential clients already (or would like to) work in, including the specific social media channels best for driving traffic. 

After all, social media platforms can vary, depending on the types of users, their preferred content, etc.

For example, Business-to-Business (B2B) companies are more likely to benefit from leveraging LinkedIn than a consumer brand with millennials as the target audience. 

Determine your potential clients’ target audiences and their common goals. It can help you decide on the social media marketing channels to focus your efforts on and the services to offer.

The good news is, running social media campaigns across multiple social media channels is now easier than ever with reliable IG tools for marketing, Facebook Ads, and Social Media Management (SMM) platforms. 

All-in-one SMM platform Vista Social, for example, offers a suite of sophisticated social media marketing features.  

You can create multiple Entities connected to each client’s social media profiles for easy access and management.  

The Entities are logical groupings of your client’s social profiles and your agency’s team members. It helps you sort and organize your client’s social media profiles and simplifies setting permissions to specific users.  

5 Essential Social Media Marketing Services Your Agency Should Offer to Attract More Clients 1

Image source: vistasocial.com.

Vista Social’s main features include social media content scheduling, reviews management, reporting and analytics, a listening tool, and a centralized inbox to manage messages across social channels. 

The platform supports Facebook, Instagram, Google Business, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, TrustPilot, TripAdvisor, Pinterest, Reddit, and more.

2. Social media marketing strategy planning

Many brands start running social media marketing campaigns without a solid strategy—only to end up with poor results. 

Some companies might not also have the time and expertise to plan and implement their campaigns effectively.

This is where your agency comes in. 

You can develop social media content strategies for brands to ensure they run their campaigns based on a solid plan. It can also give them a good idea about what social media marketing strategies work best for them. 

Test and analyze various social media platforms and the content types that drive the highest engagement—from traffic and likes to shares. 

Outline a detailed content plan. Include a content calendar using your SMM platform or a robust task management software that clients can follow to achieve their social media marketing goals.  

Your agency’s role doesn’t have to end at helping clients develop their social media content strategies, but you can also carry out their strategy for them.

3. Content creation

It’s not enough for brands to post content on social media channels and call it a day. 

The content must engage audiences effectively and ultimately drive potential customers into action: Buying the brand’s products. 

Plus, while brands can use various types of content across social media channels, some have to be designed specifically for social media consumption.

Social media platforms require specific dimensions for images, and there are rules and best practices to consider. 

For instance, Instagram Stories in a vertical format often get more engagement because it’s a familiar format that IG users expect to see in their feed. 

5 Essential Social Media Marketing Services Your Agency Should Offer to Attract More Clients 2

Image source: canva.com.

Take away the complexities and do the heavy lifting for your clients by offering social media content creation services. 

You can help clients:

  • Create graphics, images, and promotional videos
  • Write social media posts or blog posts
  • Source shareable content from other brands and resources
  • Run social media analytics and analyze content performance  

You’ll also be saving clients from spending the time and money it takes to learn, adapt, and deploy reliable digital marketing software necessary for successful social media marketing. 

4. Research and analysis 

Research and analysis are critical to successful social media marketing (and any other marketing efforts), but these can also take tons of time and resources. 

Provide research and analysis services to address your clients’ need to gather data and gain valuable insights, including:

  • Audience and customer research. Research your clients’ target audience, including their behavior, demographics, and interests, to tailor content and campaigns to address potential customers’ needs. 

For instance, using Facebook Audience Insights gives you relevant information about people connected to specific FB pages and other people on the platform. 

Research and analysis

Image source: socialmediaexaminer.com. 

The tool helps users create content that resonates with target audiences, including finding more people similar to a brand’s existing audience. 

The audience research and analysis data and insights can help fuel the social media content development process

  • Comprehensive competitor research. Knowing what similar brands are doing and performing on social media gives you the data necessary to help your clients refine their social media marketing strategies. 

You can also help clients determine their strengths and weaknesses and build on SMM strategies that work well for other brands in the same niche or industry. 

Additionally, offer a relevance audit service for your clients to give them a good idea of their brand’s relevance in their market and community. 

Running relevance audits allow you to: 

  • Determine whether the content your client shares is relevant or resonates with their target audience.
  • Assess the language brands use to communicate with online followers.
  • Research the social media networks a client’s audiences follow most, including the brands that get the most visibility and engagement.

5. Community and campaign management

While it’s crucial to help your clients get their social media marketing efforts off the ground, many brands need more comprehensive support for their existing initiatives and campaigns.

Consider providing services that focus on working with your clients as an extension of their social media marketing team. 

You can even offer practical tips—from showing clients how to do simple A/B tests of their headlines to teaching them the best ways to edit and speed up videos using iPhones

Provide real-time campaign management services to help clients optimize their social media marketing strategy.

By staying on top of your client’s social media efforts, you can observe and track their campaign’s performance, identify gaps, and find opportunities promptly. 

Grow your client base by offering crucial services

One of the best ways to attract more clients is to offer the services they need.

Start with the social media marketing services in this guide and grow your offering from there. 

Know what your target market wants, provide the SMM services that address their pain points, and help them reach their social media marketing and overall marketing goals.