5 Female-Led Podcasts All Girl Bosses Should Listen To

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Being a fearless female entrepreneur or girl boss doesn’t always come easy. Whether you’re putting the hours in at a startup, or climbing up the corporate ladder, we could all do with some help and encouragement from time to time.

Podcasts are a brilliant way to find a network of supportive and creative women who can fire you up with fresh ideas, provide much-needed perspective, or just generally inspire you with a sense of awe — all from the comfort of your headphones! Check out these five fierce podcasts by women for women.

Magic Lessons

Elizabeth Gilbert is an established and diverse author, but she is probably best known for her best-selling novel, Eat Pray Love. The book was a runaway bestseller and was made into a motion picture starring Julia Roberts. Based on Gilbert’s own travel experiences, the book is an interesting insight into Gilbert’s intelligent and unique take on love, life, and creativity.

Magic Lessons (recent episodes here) is Gilbert’s fascinating podcast that takes off where her recent book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear left off. It’s all about creativity, finding your own potential, and solving problems in insightful ways. 

As well as sharing her own (vast) insights, Gilbert invites plenty of intelligent and thought-provoking guests to her podcast — often fellow authors and philosophers.

This podcast is perfect for women who want to live freer, less restrained lives, and are ready to go forth into their lives with more creativity.

Being Boss

A great girl boss podcast started back in 2015, Being Boss is co-hosted by business gurus Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson. 

This indomitable duo of successful business owners are filled with practical and inspiring advice on how to become your own boss and thrive and survive in the often-crazy world of entrepreneurship. 

On the Being Boss podcast, it’s especially great to hear from such a wide range of expert female interviewees who’ve managed to overcome huge professional and personal challenges en-route to success.

With hundreds of great episodes to choose from — over 7 million listeners can’t be wrong. Learn from the pros and enjoy the journey.

Stellar Life 

Stellar Life (hosted by coach Orion Talmay from Orion’s Method) is an interesting podcast with a strong focus on female power and energy.

The podcast takes a holistic approach and focuses on self-development as a way to greater career and relationship insights. There are lots of interesting guests and topics to choose from — including episodes on NeuroMovement and biohacking.

This podcast is especially great for anyone interested in exploring their personal and professional boundaries and better understanding the psychology of relationships.

Goal Digger

The mastermind behind popular podcast Goal Digger is Jenna Kutcher from Wisconsin.

A creative entrepreneur herself, Jenna has a very approachable and easy-to-follow manner that makes her podcast very engaging.

Her podcast is particularly good for freelancers or budding entrepreneurs, with lots of helpful marketing advice on blogging, social media, and keeping clients happy. It’s all sound advice that we could all do with hearing again from time to time!

Jenna also isn’t afraid to explore deeper topics like imposter syndrome and privilege — topics all leaders should 100% be thinking about.


Women in tech has been a hot topic in recent years, and rightly so. Women around the world are flying the geek flag loud and proud — and Nerdette taps into that by co-opting the concept of ‘geeking out’ and transferring it onto a wide(r) range of issues and topics women feel passionate about.

Co-hosted by Greta Johnsen and Tricia Bobeda, this podcast is all about women pursuing, and sharing, their passions. From book reviews to Game of Thrones recaps, this is an eclectic podcast for the thinking woman.

Check out recent episodes on great topics such as how to write your first novel, science and kids, and how to ask for more money here.

Being a leader isn’t always easy, so learn from others by leaning on their expertise and stories when you need it the most. Start with these five inspirational podcasts, each with their own unique take on being a girl boss.


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