5 Groundbreaking Tips to Make an Office Party Absolute Success

"5 Groundbreaking Tips to Make an Office Party Absolute Success" Tray of Drinks with People in the Background Graphic

~by Haley Lynn Gray~

Looking to throw that perfect and memorable office party for your staff?

Here you go again to celebrate your team’s success and to make your employees feel really special. Office parties in general are thrown with a view to kill many birds with one stone, so to speak – and let’s not be cagey about it. Parties are a great way to boost employee morale, let them know you appreciate their efforts, let them have fun, get them refreshed, encourage their good work, encourage them to engage with each other, and give them another reason to stay with the company.

This time make your office party more entertaining, more fun, more exciting, livelier, and more attractive. Here are some amazing ideas to make your office party a truly successful event.

1. Choose a location convenient to everyone

Picking a perfect location is extremely crucial part to begin with. Nearly half of the energy and time involved is consumed figuring out where the bash is going to take place. Select the venue as early as possible, as you want everything to run smoothly and go off without a hitch.

So which elements you should look out for when it comes to selecting the venue? First off, it should be convenient and easily accessible to everyone. Since your employees can also happen to be women, you need to make sure the environment is safe for them to  travel to and home from. Besides, the party place should have a positive vibe, be big enough to fit everyone, and have great amenities that make a big difference. Starting early may also help you in negotiating certain facilities on budget such as audio visual requirements, tables, chairs, dishes, decorations, etc.

2. Theme your party

At a party where socialization and engagement matter a lot, incorporating a theme keeps everyone interested and excited. Choosing a theme also makes decorating easier. You’ll have plenty of decorations to choose from that all work together to create a great atmosphere for your event. Once you have chosen a theme, you can select food and drink, invitations, music, and entertainment that fit in with your vision. As the motive of your party is fun and entertainment, nobody would like to join one that is boring and lifeless. A riveting theme, on the other hand, sets the mood of the party, which encourages lively participation of guests to make it successful. A perfect theme, therefore, is the one that is set according to your tastes and preferences and accepted by the majority of guests.

3. Include interesting party games or activities

People generally remember the parties that offer maximum entertainment in the form of special programs, performances, games, and other interesting activities. Office party games are meant for bringing your team together and breaking a little ice, so make sure they appeal to everyone. Avoid including games that only involve team players because introverts might be excluded. Starting with an icebreaker makes even the most reluctant play, so make sure the activities have a natural appeal.

So which games should you choose to make things smooth and enjoyable? Here they are:

  • Belly balloon break – It is played against the clock. Balloons are popped by being squeezed together between the players’ chests. No touching is allowed. Pair everyone up. The pair popping the most balloons wins.
  • Two facts, one lie – This game can reveal a lot about your employees. The participants will have to tell three things about themselves. Out of these three things, two need to be facts, while one has to be a lie. Whoever guesses the most correct lies, wins the game.
  • What is it – It’s time to find out who has a better sense of touch. Put different kinds of items in a single bowl (better to put really unusual or bizarre things), and blindfold the participants. The player, who tells those items correctly, wins.
  • Musical chairs – Now this one is most interesting, and never gets outdated. Arrange a few chairs facing away from each other. Make sure to keep one less seat than the number of employees participating. Start the music, and the players walk around the chairs. When it stops, everyone sits. The person who is left standing is out, and another chair is removed. This continues until there is one person left, who wins the game.

4. Serve delicious foods and drinks

Foods and drinks are at the heart of any party. After all what’s a party without festive food? Make it clear whether the food will be an actual meal, or simply appetizers and treats. If your business is small, you might consider a potluck, but for larger groups, catering can be best. Offering a variety of delicacies will make your employees enjoy the treat like never before. Start by delighting all your staff members with some surprising appetizers and arrange cocktails, mocktails, wines, liquors, and other non-alcoholic beverages as per their choice. Some examples of foods that could be served are mini turkey meatballs, artichoke and cheese stuffed mushrooms, eggplant chips with cilantro pesto, or cherry tomatoes stuffed with chicken apple salad. You can also put water bottles at various places at the party venue with personalized labels and stickers on them, as it will spread the awareness of your business as well.

5. Document the party

Hire a videographer and photographer to record the various party events that you have included. After getting videos and photos later, you can share them with your staff. They will simply love it and this will make the party even more memorable. There are many other creative ways to document your party, such as designating an Instagram hashtag and bringing in a photo booth. This is a nice way for your employees to look back and remember their favorite moments of the evening.


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