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With the aging population, families feel the constant struggle to care for their elderly parents as a family caregivers while balancing out their everyday life. The most disheartening aspect of taking care of parents is burning out as their caregivers, because like most families, they never use services that may be available to them. Home care, for example can ease the stress and responsibility by helping families figure out their parent’s self care abilities and their needs. This type of assistance is key to building a positive relationship at a moment when the clarity of their future seems so bleak. Surely, depending on their children is not what they envisioned in their golden years.


Create an environment of open communication

Actively sharing in decision-making with parents allows them to still have control of their healthcare process while maintaining their dignity. Adult children must remind themselves that, from their parent’s view, they will always be the child, not the parent. I’ve seen this happen too many times, where the adult children don’t know their role. This sometimes causes resentment, embarrassment and even anger, because they feel like their children are taking over their lives, which they’ve become accustomed to living independently. Positive reinforcement is essential, regardless of the situation.

5 Guiding Principles of Positive-Thinking Caregivers

1) Always involve parent/client in the decision making

2) Use the help being offered through referrals from doctors and friends

3) Set goals so that the expectations are realistic

4) Create an environment of open communication

5) Encourage independence while in the comfort of their home

“Among the things you can give and still keep are your words, a smile, and a grateful heart.”  
~Zig Ziglar

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Kali Sunshine Steward

Kali Steward

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