5 Important Steps You Need to Take to Become a Digital Nomad

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The term digital nomad tends to get thrown around a lot these days, and the people who inexhaustibly flaunt its benefits to the world tend to portray a slightly unrealistic picture – like it’s all sunshine, cocktails, and rainbows with minimal work. If you’re a female business leader, you know by now that no matter the industry you’re trying to dominate, you need to invest time and a lot of hard work to reach your goals.

With that in mind, this guide is for the female boss girls among you who understand what hard work means, and are willing to do what it takes to make their nomadic dreams come true. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to take to become a digital nomad while staying safe and healthy during your travels and while working, and achieve the success you deserve.

5 Important Steps You Need to Take to Become a Digital Nomad 1

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Tidy up your finances and make a budget

If money makes the business world go ‘round, and to be a digital nomad means to run a solo business, then you can appreciate the need to treat this project like a business venture, and not a vacation. This is the first, and usually last, mistake aspiring digital nomads tend to make. If you want to be a true digital nomad and actually make money while traveling the world, then you will have to tidy up your finances well before you leave.

Most importantly, you will need to solidify your financial situation. Firstly, be sure to eliminate all local debt, because you don’t want your lenders to visit your nightmares while abroad. Next, make sure you have a stable source of income as a remote worker (more on that in a bit), and then pull out your calculator because you will need to figure out a realistic travel budget.

This budget will need to encompass everything from your travel expenses (airfare, luggage, local transportation, and more), your accommodation, living expenses, to your emergency fund. You will also need to allocate a certain amount of financial resources to growing your business over time, whether that means bringing in a freelancer to your team or buying a new software for your computer.

5 Important Steps You Need to Take to Become a Digital Nomad 2

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Purge your life of the things that weigh you down

It should go without saying that taking on an image of a digital nomad is also about embracing a certain mindset, a way of life that’s quite different from what you’re used to. Because modern consumerism has shaped our lives to such an extent, it might prove difficult to try to declutter your life all of a sudden, or to adapt your shopping habits and focus on a more frugal lifestyle. Yet, it is necessary to do so.

Purging your life of all of the things you no longer need, especially if you plan to travel the world full-time, is one of the most liberating things you can do, and it will effectively improve your productivity and creativity, and take a lot of the stress out of being a digital nomad. So, start decluttering, travel light, and be sure to organize your entire trip well before you leave.

5 Important Steps You Need to Take to Become a Digital Nomad 3

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Research every destination before you go

Why is it important to research the destination? Why not do it like in the movies and stick your finger on the globe? Because you’d probably end up in an ocean, for one. But more importantly, researching every destination gives you the opportunity to plan your finances, your accommodation, and your way of life. Spontaneity is great and all, but you’re trying to run a business here, preferably with a roof over your head.

With that in mind, it’s important that you don’t have to abandon the little pleasures in life you’re used to simply because you didn’t plan ahead. If you’re partial to a tasty sip of fine burgundy wine in the evening, then you should know when and where to get it no matter where you are – your happiness and passion for the job depend on those little pleasures that evoke positive emotions. So, be sure to research every destination, put your lifestyle necessities on paper, and figure out a way to enjoy the things you love when you’re abroad while at the same time assimilating yourself into the local culture.

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Figure out your niche and work on the necessary skills

Becoming a digital nomad is not just about taking your laptop on a worldwide adventure, it’s also about obtaining the necessary skills and experience to run a successful business no matter where you are. There is need for every female business leader to strive constantly for higher knowledge, in order to become better at her job, to expand her horizons, and to create numerous opportunities to advance her career.

Start by listing out the essential skills you’ll need for this venture to work. Aim to learn the basics that pertain to your field, just enough to ensure a steady cash flow and to get your journey under way. Stick to a strict learning schedule and aim to learn something new every day so that you can grow your business with time.

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Obtain the essential nomad gear and tech

And finally, do keep in mind that your long-term success as a digital nomad depends on your gadgets and tech. Here’s what you can’t do without:

  • Laptop, charger, case, earphones
  • Smartphone, backup smartphone, location-specific SIM card
  • An international hotspot
  • External and USB drives with plenty of storage
  • Power adapters – US, EU, AUS
  • GPS tracking devices for luggage and tech
  • Internet banking and credit cards
  • A Virtual Private Network (VPN)

These are just the tech essentials needed to help you work seamlessly. You will also need to bring location and climate specific clothes, toiletries, emergency kits, and any other specialized equipment if needed – some digital nomads are adventurers as well, so you’ll need to be prepared if you plan to climb mountains and cross canyons in your spare time.

5 Important Steps You Need to Take to Become a Digital Nomad 6

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Parting words

To become a digital nomad means to break the shackles of your old job and set out to an adventure of a lifetime. There is nothing quite as liberating and fulfilling as traveling the world while getting paid, so be sure to take these steps in order to make your nomadic dreams come true.


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