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Online sale options have opened up the world of car shopping. To make sure that you get a great vehicle and find a reputable seller, you may be better off applying with one of the marketplaces below. You can easily sell your current car quickly, get pre-approved for your company vehicle and even get a warranty to protect you from an expensive repair.


For business owners who need to move from a car to a truck or, SUV, Peddle is a wonderful tool to safely get rid of the smaller cars in your fleet. You can even sell vehicles that no longer run on this site too.

If you can’t get enough for your trade-ins, or if you have an ideal vehicle already lined up and just need to sell your current vehicle for the best price, Peddle can help. Because Peddle will buy your vehicle without having another buyer lined up, you may make less than you would through a private sale. However, you can protect yourself from scammers and sell your vehicle more quickly with Peddle.


Many business owners are facing serious financial challenges. If your credit has taken a hit, getting affordable vehicles may seem out of reach. Take the time to get preapproved on myAutoloan. Before you plug in your information, check out the “tools and calculators” section to see what your payments can be.

A simple first step to applying for any loan is to sign up for Credit Karma and find out your credit rating. If you know that your credit is especially poor, you may need a cosigner. Knowing your credit rating before you start shopping can help you make applications for hard pulls sparingly with lenders that give you a good chance of success. Too many hard pulls can drag your credit rating down; make sure you are applying for soft pulls only.


If you are interested in a new car but really don’t want to worry about negotiating the price, the online filtering options on the some of best websites to buy used cars can help reduce your stress. TrueCar offers a nonnegotiable pricing structure and has easy access to OpenRoad Lending.

For business owners who don’t have a healthy credit rating, the best bet is to get preapproved first before you apply for a car loan. To get the best interest rate on your loan, getting preapproval will reduce future credit dings by applying to too many lenders.

When using online auto dealers, vehicle shipping may or may not be included with the purchase price. Make sure to explore your options when it comes to having your new purchase shipped to your doorstep. You can select options such as enclosed trailer hauling, expedited delivery, and more. A good shipping company will help you save money while simultaneously making sure your needs are being adequately met.

Complete Car Warranty

No matter how careful you are in your purchase, repairs happen and they can get expensive. If you add a Complete Car Warranty to your purchase, you can

  • pay just 60% of what the dealership charges
  • get unlimited coverage
  • use your favorite mechanic

You may be able to save on fleet insurance if you purchase your vehicles with a complete warranty package. It can cover things like AC repairs and even transmission failures. Be aware that there may be a deductible. However, one large expense can quickly make your warranty a great buy.


Horror stories about scammers abound on many social media sites. If you have been burned or are worried about the risk, Tred may reduce your concerns. All sellers on Tred go through an identity check and the vehicles are traced with regard to their accident history.

Best of all, Tred handles the financial aspects of your purchase. You don’t have to bring a great deal of cash to buy your car on Tred and you can add a warranty to your used vehicle. Best of all, you can get approved for financing before you start searching for your used car. Be aware that there are no returns for any cars bought on Tred.

You can do a lot of the legwork of buying a new or used company vehicle from your phone or laptop. Know your credit rating before you start. Know the resale value of your current vehicles. If you have a car that isn’t running, know that you can sell it for cash online. Boosting your down payment with the cash from your existing vehicles can lower your interest rate and keep your payments manageable.