TroubleI am pretty sure I live in a zoo.  It’s not just the four legged critters that are convincing me of that fact these days, but the two-legged ones as well.  Granted, we have a rabbit, chinchilla, three cats, and two aquariums, and I’ve been syringe feeding the rabbit for the last week.  Really, though, the furry, and slimy ones don’t cause me nearly as much grief.

In the space of about four hours tonight, my boys have gotten in trouble for bouncing on the bed in my room, Xena threw a temper tantrum about _gasp_ having to put a stamp on an envelope, and actually put an address on it too.  The crowning touch was my boys wrestling with my stretch band in the living room.  Apparently, somehow the youngest child’s head went through the window somehow shattering.  Don’t worry.  The kid is fine.  His head is hard enough to shatter glass and keep on going.

With that in mind, here are 5 sure signs you live in a zoo:

  1. You find yourself repeating things like, “We do NOT belch, fart, or otherwise pass various gases from our bodies at maximum volume during meals”  This is particularly true, if you have had to repeat the comment every meal for the last 5 years.
  2. When other kids come over to play, and you don’t notice them, as it really doesn’t get any louder, more obnoxious, or really change the ambiance.
  3. You holler at the kids to load up in the car, and when 2 or 3 extra kids hop into the car, you simply shrug, and make sure that they come back at the end, to return home.
  4. The rabbit is more reliable about going in his litter box,than the children are at hitting the toilet.
  5. Seeing children swinging from things, including chandeliers and ceiling fans no longer phases you.

What about your house?  What signs do you recognize as living in a zoo, if you have kids?