5 Simple Steps to Increase Visibility for Your Business

increase visibility - guest post

~by Michelle McGlade~


A fabulous way to increase both credibility and visibility for your business is to seek and secure guest post, podcast and other media opportunities.

increase visibility - guest post

Follow these five easy steps to secure your next opportunity and increase your visibility!

1. Set Your Goal

The first step is to know what your goal is for pitching blogs, podcasts or other media sources. Ask yourself:

  • Do you desire to increase your credibility?
  • Are you looking for opportunities to place yourself in front of more potential and ideal clients?
  • Perhaps both are of interest to you?

Understanding WHY you desire to secure increased media exposure helps you to identify and select the best opportunities for you!

Also setting a goal for how many media opportunities you would like to secure each month, and therefore how many you will pitch each week to achieve your goal will establish the habit for success.

2. Get Clear on Your Message

A big mistake I see clients make is pitching the wrong subject matter. To avoid this error, your second action step is to get clear on your message and what you desire to be known for. For example, if you desire to be known as the go to expert in nutrition for menopausal women but spend your time writing guest posts on pregnancy, well you are just wasting your time! Be clear on your message and get it out there consistently – this applies to all aspects of your business and pitching media is no different.

3. Research and Create Your Target List

Step three is to put together a list of places you will pitch. Select opportunities that:

  • Will have interest in your expertise.
  • Place you in front of your ideal clients and/or build your credibility {what was your goal?}
  • Leverage your strengths – are you better at speaking or writing?

Next, identify if you have any existing connections to help secure the opportunity and prioritize your list so you can work on each pitch in order of importance or the “lowest hanging fruit”.

4. Write your pitch

You may be writing the pitch yourself or asking a connection within your network to submit it on your behalf. Either way, step four is to write the pitch. Do not ask someone else to do it for you, provide them with the details you would like them to send on your behalf!

Here are items to include:

  • Show you understand their audience and identify how you can provide value to them.
  • Make each pitch unique.
  • Provide links to other interviews or posts you have completed.
  • Provide a link to your press page, books you have authored or other credibility builders.
  • Do not use attachments; place all the relevant information within the email.

5. Promote

Do not forget to promote your media opportunities! Step five is to promote and promote often. Most people forget to look at their media mentions as evergreen, seeing they can and should be used over and over again for credibility and visibility.


A final note for you based on my experience. You definitely will not secure one hundred percent of the opportunities you pitch. This is normal and okay. Your topic may not be relevant or timely. Try again!

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Michelle McGladeMeet the Author: Michelle McGlade

Michelle McGlade, MBA, is a business strategist for high-achieving health and wellness experts who desire to go from local business owner to online business maven. She is a best-selling author of Unstoppable: Strategies to Launch and Grow Your Holistic Practice and podcast host of ‘Making the Maven’.


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