5 Technology Assets Every Modern Office Needs

Overhead View of a Modern Office, Long Table with 8 Desk Setups

Break into the latest leading-edge technology for your business automation by instituting the Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) for an intelligent office.

Business and remote offices have been expanding and transforming their technology assets to conform to many best practices for employee and environmental safety as well as using IoT and Artificial Intelligence software applications. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a collection of network devices, appliances, vehicles, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables data exchange and results in higher efficiency, economic benefits, and reduced human labor. You’ll be surprised how much time and cost the following technology investments can save your business while promoting a better quality of life and performance for your employees.

Smart Office Design

Contemporary business startups have a choice between a physical building space or an entirely virtual workforce. Current technology provides building and business owners with a fully integrated system that focuses on occupant safety, comfort and productivity, location-based services, personalization, accessibility and mobility, sustainability, and efficiency. Modern office environment features allow manageability of air circulation, heating, lighting, security and desk sensors, and facility forecasting right from your mobile devices. Collaboratively, the cost and energy savings and increased employee efficiency contribute to the company’s overall success and prosperity.

Network Solutions for Modern Business

Unless you have considerable experience in the field, you will need an information technology support team’s expert skills and recommendations to set up or transform your Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) network’s hardware and software platform.

Depending on the size of your business, niche, and future economic growth potential, they can save you time and costs by suggesting security software, Virtual Private Network (VPN), or less costly outsourced Cloud computing model and Cloud printing for remote workers. There are Cloud-aware applications for self-sufficiency and education and training for your staff.

Your network foundation will consist of routers and switches, choice personal computers such as All-in-One, copy, print, and fax machines, system monitoring, USB flash drives for backup and transport of data, and mobile devices. You will also need to select your office telephone features, support, and system – landline, SIP, VOIP, smartphones, or cloud-hosted are popular choices.

With proper planning and a world-class support system in place, your business office model will be a worry-free investment for years to come.

Productivity Software and Apps

Computer software is abundant today in our Internet and smartphone app world, with intuitive features designed to streamline every type of task imaginable and collaborate with our peers using simple, fast, and convenient methods. Not only do you need these methods, but the right software or smartphone app will help you engage with customers and clients on the go. Here are a few tools your business cannot do without.

Collaboration Suites – Communication is vital to productivity, and there are many office suites and mobile apps on the market that give quick texting and response, email, infographics, file-sharing capabilities, artificial intelligence, and project management. All your key staff members can share analytics and notes at the same time from anywhere in the world. These apps can connect together to organize all your daily projects together

Management Software – Every team needs access to programs that organize their job function. No matter what department you are fielding, you will find a diverse goldmine of smart software for your use and tracking purposes. Time and Attendance, Payroll, Virtual Receptionist, Project Management, Cloud Print and Fax Administration, Customer Relationship Management, Accounting and Asset Inventory, Marketing, Sales and Social Media, and Website Content are just the tip of the software iceberg today.

Cloud – Brand name developers may provide an entire package for your company in the Cloud, or you may select individual mobile apps based on your role. Search the Internet or your smartphone app directories by job title, and you will find many options to make your unique contribution more efficient.

Remote Workforce Technology

Over two-thirds of the global workforce currently perform telework at least once a week. Employee engagement and education is more important than ever with a remote position. Most leaders have joined forces with their colleagues through video conferencing. Readily available through a home computer, camera, laptop, or smartphone device, virtual employees can indeed be a part of the live meeting table and put a smiling face, inquisitive voice, and energetic personality to an otherwise drab email or text message.

Applications promoting web meetings allow coworkers to learn online together through a shared interface, and an instructor moderates the classroom. This is an excellent way to keep skills current, earn certifications, and keep a sense of comradery within the company.

Augmented and Virtual Reality for Brand Marketing

The future of AI, AR, and VR looks brilliant for video conferencing, marketing, and sales teams. It is an exciting time as the markets expect to reach $117 Billion by 2022, with mobile application development taking precedence, overlaying digital information in a customer’s reality vision.

Users can experience voice-to-text transcription technology. It takes notes for you during a meeting and finds each speaker in the virtual room. These new features optimize accessibility for disabled workers, allowing access to team ventures with ease and comfort. Eyes, ears, and hands are free to focus on the content presented.

Retailers are investing heavily in AR mobile technology because of successful campaigns using ARKit and ARCore. Users access their smartphone camera and drop 3D images of products around their room for an intense buyer’s experience. AR will also inspire all types of commercial endeavors including financial services, healthcare, gas, oil, construction, and energy as it permeates the market and developers realize it’s usefulness and popularity.


Proper facility planning, ergonomics, technology asset management, employee communications, sales and customer service all the keys to success for your business. It is estimated that by 2019, the Enterprise business Internet of Things will account for 9.1 billion devices. As such, your network and office environment must support the demands for digital security, scalability, interoperability, and regulatory compliance whether your network is deployed locally or in the sky. For further help, there are many enterprise case studies available for public review and assessment to help your team make the right technology choices for health and work automation. Keep a business lawyer retained, begin upgrading your technology assets 3-5 years ahead, and transform your office into the sky of the future, above and beyond the clouds!


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