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When asked about whether they take pleasure in the work that they do, you may be surprised to find that your employees’ answers are often less centered around their duties and more about the workplace environment. While most employees seek jobs for monetary gain, that isn’t enough to keep them satisfied, engaged, and inspired to give their best on a daily basis. Employers who work towards optimizing their organization tend to notice higher levels of enthusiasm and better work results. Here are five practical tips to please your employees and drastically improve the workplace.

Cubicles or Open Floor Plan?

The fuss over cubicles and open floor plans may seem like a senseless debate for those that are not affected, but the outcome plays a huge role in the overall success of a company. Department heads usually have their own secluded area to satisfy their need for privacy. While floor workers may have less to conceal, being at an arm’s reach and in a clear view from everyone else can cause massive anxiety and an influx of interruptions.

Though there may be a few people who are not influenced by an open floor plan, the vast majority will greatly appreciate a designated cubicle that puts them at a safe distance from distractions and unwanted attention. Fortunately, cubicles are easily accessible for purchase, and with the help of an expert, each employee can be granted the peace of mind that they deserve.

Add Some Greenery

Flowers, trees, and shrubs are great for decorative purposes, but they are actually much more valuable than what meets the eye. Adding greenery to the office place is an effective way of bringing the beauty of nature indoors, minus the bugs and bad weather conditions. In fact, according to Ebyland Nursery, studies have shown that plants promote mental health. There are countless reasons for this finding, including the fact that the color green is connected to relaxation and is known to combat stressful emotions. Also, plants absorb carbon dioxide, making them great for filtering the air, resulting in fewer respiratory issues.

Healthier Snacks

While a lot of people are inclined to reach for sugary drinks and fattening snacks in order to get them through the workday, they usually only act on these desires due to the ease of access. Health is wealth, and it is important that employers remind their staff of this truth. According to WellRight, introducing a snack bar with healthier alternatives, like low-fat treats and protein bars, can continuously satisfy sugar cravings. Also, keeping fresh fruit and infused water at everyone’s disposal will promote healthier lifestyles, leading to fewer sick days and better concentration.

The Break Room

A boring, dreary breakroom is one that will strongly influence poor workplace morale. Break rooms are designed to help employees temporarily disconnect from the tasks of the workday, allowing them the mental clarity needed to return to the floor both refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the shift. Incorporating cable television is a smart way to make break time more interesting, but featuring a video game console, ping pong table, snack bar, and stylish furniture will drastically boost its desirability. Also, if there are multiple break rooms or underused utility rooms, an employer can also create a fitness center equipped with dumbbells, treadmills, yoga mats, and other exercise material.

Natural Lighting

A common but detrimental mistake made by many employers is filling a room with artificial light in an effort to keep workers on task and away from potential distractions. However, a workspace that is disconnected from the outside world can feel like a high-class prison cell. OfficeSpace points out that the most comfortable areas for work provide a fair share of windows that produce natural lighting and undoes the feeling of entrapment.

While people may not find their work particularly enjoyable, the environment that they are placed in often dictates whether they decide to stay put with their current employer or choose a different route. As an employer, you can retain valued workers by accommodating their practical needs and upgrading the facility in efforts to show appreciation. Working in favor of the staff will make them feel honored to be a part of your organization.

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