5 Tips for Successful International Networking to Grow Your Business

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If you’ve set up your own digital business, you understand the value of community support and industry recognition. Both of those can come in various forms, and as a leader in your field, you need to invest time, effort, and creativity into earning them. Thanks to overwhelming digitization, most entrepreneurs can have a global presence, so there’s no need to stick to the local market alone. 

That means that building your reputation should extend beyond your local presence, and you should develop a dedicated international networking strategy of your own. Once you master the art of networking beyond borders, you can grow your business, establish yourself as a credible authority, and rely on your connections in times of need. Here are a few bits of advice to help you do just that!

Invest in unique business cards

Wherever you go and whatever your expertise might be, you should always invest in stylish, minimalist business cards. At crowded events, your business cards are the one ingredient in your strategy that can help you leave a lasting impression. 

Business cards designed well and containing key contact information are so much more than a business accessory. They are your chance to reconnect with a possible client or partner long after any event is over. 

Offer to lecture and teach 

5 Tips for Successful International Networking to Grow Your Business 1

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Being a guest at conferences and seminars is a wonderful way to mingle and connect. Why not go beyond that and offer your own input for such events? For the time being, you might need to stick to online ventures of that sort, but your participation will nonetheless be noted by your peers.

That means you need to stay in the loop with all relevant trends, changes, and market fluctuations. Understanding your own impact in that market and making trustworthy forecasts can be a valid way to share your knowledge on stage, during international events.

Set up your own networking events

5 Tips for Successful International Networking to Grow Your Business 2

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Fine dining is one way to go, and inviting your clients to see your offices is another, but you can get creative when you’re in the middle of business negotiations and trying to build a partnership. Investing in specific assets that build up your image and reputation can help impress potential investors, clients, and partners. For instance, businesses often research rigid inflatable boats for sale to find the perfect match for their networking needs.

With such an asset at your disposal, you can invite your potential investor for a quick fishing trip and discuss the details of your collaboration. Creating a private, intimate atmosphere lets you devote all of your attention to that one person, and provide a memorable experience to expand your business with the help of your powerful image. 

Ongoing networking through social media

While dedicated networking events and your own efforts to connect with people all over the globe are all fine and dandy, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of ongoing networking. Simply put, you need to make sure that you use all of your online channels to join vital discussions – start them even – and contribute with your knowledge and expertise.

Sharing valuable tips and experience with others in your field of work is a powerful, yet simple way to build trust online. When you find Facebook groups dedicated to your industry, or forums where your peers connect, join them, and you’ll turn networking into a continuous effort. 

Visit international events 

5 Tips for Successful International Networking to Grow Your Business 3

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Although the present situation isn’t too promising for live events, you should definitely plan for our pandemic-free future. That said, you can find a range of online, virtual events that connect people from each industry through digital channels. Most connect with the help of communication tools such as Zoom or Skype, but you can find those that host events in a variety of different ways.

As for the future, make sure that you keep track of all international workshops, conferences, lectures, and seminars. It’s a learning opportunity to expand your horizons, but also a chance to take part in important discussions. The sooner you present yourself as a pertinent voice, the easier it will be to earn your spot in that international community.

There you have it, your essential guidelines for international networking to grow your business presence. No matter how long you’ve been in the game or how many competitors you have, it’s vital to build your reputation one smart, thought-out step at a time. Use these tips to make a name for yourself in international circles, and hopefully, in time, your business image will soar. 


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