5 Tips for What Not to Wear to Work

~by Haley Lynn Gray~


My workplace has a very relaxed dress code. Even though we are very laid back, there are certainly some things that shouldn’t be worn. I thought I’d touch on some things that should not put in an appearance at the office. I see most of the most egregious violations in the younger generation, and here’s a few thoughts I hope that will be taken into consideration. Consider this – my own list of what not to wear to work.

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My 5 Simple Tips For What Not to Wear to Work

  1. Shorts should be at least fingertip length, unless you work as a stripper. Really, I don’t need to see your butt cheeks. I don’t really care how cute and perky they are, they shouldn’t be on display at work in any office environment.  
  2. Skirts fall in the same category. Chances are, if you have to ask the question, “Is this skirt too short?” because you’re worried about flashing your male colleagues when you sit down or bend over, the skirt is too short. They might enjoy the view, but it doesn’t mean they’re going to respect your business acumen.
  3. Flip Flops. Yes, there are plenty of cute ones out there, but unless your footwear qualifies as at least a sandal, the flip-flop look isn’t the best one. Go for some cute strappy sandals, a cute pair of wedges or some other form of footwear, but leave the true flip flips at home.
  4. Any top that has your boobs popping out. Really, I don’t need to see that much cleavage. A hint – fine. Whatever. But if they’re hanging out, the guys especially are going to spend all day staring at your chest wondering if they’re going to pop out. And good luck getting them to actually listen to anything you have to say. Their brains don’t work that way. Once you’ve engaged that part of their thinking, good luck getting them back on track.
  5. Anything that leaves your midriff exposed should also be saved for time off work. Yeah, I know you might have a beautiful body. That’s great for you. It’s not appropriate to display it quite so much in an office environment. Remember, we’re supposed to be professionals here.

In short, I think you can boil it down to this, if you’re showing a ton of skin, or about to pop out, leave the outfit for later. Go for tasteful, beautiful, and cover up. Then consider wearing it.

I have one last tip – choose clothes and shoes that you’re comfortable in. There are few things worse than dealing with blistered feet, or an outfit that is just a bit uncomfortable for whatever reason all day. I find that I’m so much more worn out at the end of the day just from dealing with wearing something annoying or that doesn’t quite work. I’m much happier when I choose things that are both beautiful and comfortable.

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