5 Traits of Women that Are Bound to be Leaders

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“Women in business are talented leaders who can share their skills as trainers, mentors, and advocates.”

– Melanne Verveer

5 Traits of Women that Are Bound to be Leaders 1 Women in our generation are taking a big leap in their life to embrace the challenges of being a leader, not just in their household but also in politics, business, and community. While we feel exhilarated to witness the enthusiasm and energy around women’s leadership, women have been actively pursuing leadership, doing impressive things, juggling time, making sure everything falls in the right place, and making an international transformation for centuries. This leadership benefits the society in the most positive way, letting women after women empower others just like paying it forward and acknowledges difficulties with bold movements while pushing the entire community to move forward.

When a woman accomplishes something, they tend to boost other women too, and it’s women’s instinct.

If you find yourself reading up to this line, and you are very eager to know if you possess any of these 5 Traits, I’d say welcome! But generally speaking, I highly doubt you do not have any of these traits because women are naturally born as leaders.


Women are listeners and are understanding by nature. This helps them become more relevant and connected. In any situation, women always make a room listen before they decide anything. In one instance, if a mother saw her children arguing or having a misunderstanding she cannot jump into conclusion. Instead, she hears out all the sides and perspective from there she will carry a solution and act as a peacekeeper for the benefit of reconciliation. This situation happens more than a hundred times in a simple household, thus she understands that different people come to different roots. Women don’t stop in listening, but they go an extra mile, they sometimes try other’s lifestyle to understand them more, or they use other’s first hand experience to become more open and widen their perspective in understanding a person. A woman is used to multi-tasking and quick to think with good judgment.


Women’s ability to adapt is amazing that in whatever situation they are thrown into they are willing to roll up their sleeves and create transformation and positive impact. You have heard many stories of women turning positive results and improve situations no matter how messy it may have been before. For instance, many stay-at-home mothers face struggles because they are tied up nurturing their home but still want to pursue their careers or just contribute income within the household. They don’t stop by becoming a homemaker; instead, they find opportunity regardless if this is new to them. Women are generally open-minded. They don’t mind testing the waters. They try to learn how to swim and move along with the current. Women start putting up a small business and often times they turn hobbies into money. They venture in different facets, creating a diverse opportunity. As digital era changes our lifestyle, women take the wheel and steer it towards their advantage by becoming an online seller, virtual assistant, social media influencer, or content (such as a webinars or a blog) creators. Women’s flexibility goes beyond our imagination because nowadays women respond proactively. They do not allow gender to limit their opportunities instead they keep on proving that gender has no bearing on capability and that they can also lead in every scene.

Purpose Driven5 Traits of Women that Are Bound to be Leaders 2

We are all familiar with the saying “eyes on the prize”, and women tend to live by this motto. No matter if it’s about building a career, relationship, business, or family, women groove within the parameters of what they believe in. They trust the bumpy road and enjoy the uncertainties of the journey because they perfectly understand that all this is just part of what they call purpose to fulfill. Sure they get lost along the way, frustrations and other circumstances beyond their control, but when they look towards their core to see why they are doing this and for whom do they do this, they shrug it off and stand stronger again to start where they fell. They have this inner gut, a deep “why” and motivation that fuels their desire and keep it lit. They are heavily attached to their purpose that they have their own trail and headed to their purpose as they are very passionate in the line. Along their way, they do not fear to ask for assistance, they value each person in a team and understands that they cannot leave anyone behind as they cannot also move alone. Women delegate and uplift each other and consider that everyone’s voice is important towards their accomplishments.


This trait is present no matter what gender you are, but women’s determination is a different story. They are persistent and committed to what they decide to achieve. This coming from their innate nature to accomplish and prove their worth for their own and society. Women possess determination, and they maintain the drive towards their ambition. With determination, they inspire their followers, and they become a role model to them, motivating them to follow. They persevere in what they do and trust even the delays they meet or challenges they must overcome. Women’s determination pulls them from their bed every morning and holds them in the middle of unfortunate events. No matter what storm they meet, they manage to withstand it because of determination.

Excellent Communicator5 Traits of Women that Are Bound to be Leaders 3

If you want a project to happen with an extremely detailed plan, take a woman to lead! Women know how to be an effective communicator, and they understand that this trait is a key factor to success. They create a comfortable atmosphere to allow open communication to everyone concerns. A highly accessible set-up so that communication may come in and go as efficient it could be. They’re amazing in building a strong rapport to their organization, colleagues, employees, partners and even clients. In an organization, cascading information and streaming it down the line is a crucial one but since women know how well to communicate, they make this precise and consistent. They made sure to pass a message lucid as possible to avoid miscommunication. They cannot afford any delay or misunderstanding that might affect the operations or a process. Women are sensitive and tend to consider other’s views. This strategy allows them to become extra careful in delivering messages, decision- making and trends to set. They respond accordingly in addressing a solution to a certain problem, this is another form of communicating, and they master it well.

5 Traits of Women that Are Bound to be Leaders 4Meet the Author:

Anna Dominique Santos

Anna is a virtual assistant who loves working with female entrepreneur, coaches and course creators. She started Freelancetopia in 2011, an outsourcing agency that helps business owners to focus on growing their business and outsource the tasks that they don’t have time to do, don’t want to do or don’t know how to do.


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