5 Useful Degrees to Help You Make an Impact

useful degrees

~by Anita Ginsburg~

Something many new college students struggle with is choosing a degree. There are so many careers to choose from, and it can certainly be intimidating. One thing you should consider is your prospects for finding work with the various degrees. You should also consider whether or not your chosen career will allow you to make an impact.

useful degrees

With that in mind, below are five useful degrees that can help you make a difference in many different industries.

Business Administration

One degree that can lead to employment in a plethora of different industries in a management capacity is a master’s degree in business administration. Obtaining this kind of degree requires studying many different business disciplines such as management, finance, marketing, accounting, business law, strategic planning and more. This knowledge can be applied to nearly any company.

Public Relations

Another degree that can be applied to nearly any industry is a master’s degree in public relations. Thanks to the internet, everyone is connected, and information blazes across the world very quickly. Due to this fact, being able to maintain good PR is more important than ever. PR specialists are currently in high demand as a result.

Computer Science

Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science are extremely popular right now. It’s easy to understand why. The use of technology is playing an ever increasing role in how many companies do business. In fact, many firms now do all their business over the internet. Having professionals on the payroll who can help those companies manage their technology is paramount.


Without engineers, nothing would work. It’s the engineers who design everything from electronics to the power systems that supply those electronics with electricity. There are a number of different engineering fields such as civil engineering, electrical engineering, structural engineering and many more. Whichever you choose, you will certainly be able to make a difference in a number of industries.


In today’s increasingly connected world, fostering communication is more important than ever. Like a degree in business administration, a degree in communications will allow you to study many different aspects of business such as marketing, implementing the media, public speaking, information technology and more. This kind of knowledge can certainly be applied to work within any large company.


Overall, there are many different degrees that can give you the education you need to make a big impact at companies in various industries. Consider how adaptable a degree is to different industries when settling on your choice.

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Anita GinsburgMeet the Author: Anita Ginsburg

Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO and often writes about business, education, finance and family. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing.


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