5 Ways That Music Can Enhance Productivity

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Most people love music. Today, music can be accessed in a myriad of ways, and it is common to use music as an aid while working. In fact, many swear that music is a vital part of having a productive day at work. So, how much influence does your playlist have on how productive you will be?

If the music that you listen to at the workplace makes you more efficient, then that is awesome.. However, if you are not happy with your music settings at work, if you find that they are not increasing your productivity, here are five tips you can use when it comes to music to enhance your productivity and eliminate distractions.

1. Decide to Focus to Enhance Productivity

Select music that brings out your efficiency and focus. This varies from person to person. Some common music genres for enhancing focus at the workplace include electronic, gaming, classical, and acoustic. Ambient music can also do the trick.

From a study on The Effects of Ambient Noise on Creative Cognition, you will be more creative when performing tasks if the sound of the music is maintained at 70 decibels. Settle for styles of music that have less dynamic changes throughout and also are not obtrusive. In general, you can achieve more focus on tasks if you select music that you are already acquainted with.

2. Tune out Distractions to Increase Productivity

If you work in an office or an office with an open floor plan, it can be nearly impossible to filter out all the distractions and sounds. Voices that go up and then down and then up again has been proven to be more distracting to office staff than constant, uninterrupted noise in the background.

Maybe this is what prompted mood music to be incorporated in the workplace to help steady the acoustic environment. (Case in point: Recreating the mode and volume of the background music at your most-liked restaurant or coffee shop.)

In case you cannot make this alternative happen, consider getting noise-canceling headphones to help make you more focused. You can enhance personal productivity in a significant way in the office by reducing distracting noises.

3. Match your Work

Before you choose a style of music for office listening, ensure that you are not ushering in a combination of focuses. For example, avoid mixing tasks that involve writing with lyrical songs. If you are a surgeon, you should settle for classical music rather than hip hop.

When you are exercising or engaged in physical activities, you can easily pace yourself by listening to rhythmic songs.  Some studies have shown that music can contribute to extra productivity if the tasks are repetitive in nature. In a nutshell, it is vital to choose a music style that matches your kind of work.

4. Set the mood

Listening to an ideal music type can significantly influence your mood. From a study on Computer Information Systems developers, it was found out that there was a noticeable positive influence on work-performance when music was included on the job.

This can be explained by understanding that our bodies release dopamine (a pleasure sensation hormone) when we hear or look forward to stimulating musical sequences. Because listening to pleasant music can trigger the release of dopamine, you can lighten the mood at the office by choosing suitable music.

Better mood equals higher productivity. Therefore, opt for music that enhances your motivation and keeps your productivity high.

 5. Know when to switch it off.

It is never an enjoyable experience to ask someone to stop playing their music. With a lot of work environments incorporating music, the kind of music as well as the volume can be a nuisance to a fellow worker.

Additionally, at times, the music might sidetrack you from finishing your work. While music can considerably boost your emotions, it has the potential to be damaging to your productivity and that of your fellow workers. You can get some headphones and decrease volume. But ultimately if the music becomes a distraction, you should turn it off.

Keep in mind that a serene work setting is easily a productive one. As you go to your place of work, remember these pointers. Create a playlist that enhances your productivity and get working.

5 Ways That Music Can Enhance Productivity 1

Ben Tejes writes for the Ascend and the Saved By Cents blog with the goal to help lead people to achieve debt and  financial freedom. He covered topics such as Chapter 13 After Chapter 7, and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Florida, and Chapter 13 Payment Plan Example. When not working, Ben enjoys going on adventures with his wife and three young daughters.

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Music can either enhance or hinder one’s productivity while working. See these 5 tips for choosing music that helps you work better and more efficiently.


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