5 Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Engagement Rate

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to communicate with clients/customers or promote your deals, offers, or products. Due to its high engagement, email marketing has one of the highest performances out of all digital marketing strategies. On top of that, the fact that there are around 4 billion people using email on a daily basis only makes it more appealing. Whether you are looking to generate more website traffic, increase sales, or increase conversion rates, email marketing offers a great way to do so. Making your business attractive to customers is what will determine how well your brand does. Luckily, we are going to help you by sharing ways to boost your email marketing engagement rate. Moreover, the engagement rate is important data you need to work on when you have your own website, or create content online.

5 Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Engagement Rate

The engagement rate is a metric that you use to determine how much do people interact with your content, or with the campaign in general. To put it shortly, an engagement rate is the level of interaction subscribers or followers have with the content you create. Furthermore, this rate is also a telltale sign of the overall content performance. Logically, this means that the content you create needs to be of good quality to have an engagement rate. More importantly, the way you promote that content is a much bigger way to get a higher engagement rate. However, worry not. Even if you fail to make any major breakthroughs with your engagement rate, which will be less likely once we talk about the ways you can boost it, you can always rely on digital marketing consultants to help you. Relying on the right methods can make your brand much more recognizable.

  1. Your Emails Must Be Mobile Friendly

You are aware that over 55% of people open their emails via their phone? Well, this only means that you will have to adapt to this percentage. For instance, if you rely on a tool that can help you make email mobile-friendly, like AWeber, you can easily make this a reality. Generally speaking, many brands seem to forget how much mobile phones are in use these days. Moreover, they are basically small computers in our pockets. Logically, most email users will resort to opening their emails via phone as it is fairly easy, accessible, and quick. Therefore, if you are really looking for ways to increase your overall engagement rate, you have to focus on mobile-friendly emails. If you construct an email that people cannot open via their phone, there is a 55% chance your engagement rate will not increase.

  1. Segment Your Lists

Not everyone will share the same enthusiasm for your content at the same time. Some people enjoy reading a certain topic, while others do not. Therefore, it is important for you to take note of these subscribers. Promoting your content to people that actually have an interest in a specific topic is the most efficient way to boost your email marketing engagement rate. Now, segmenting might take some time. However, if you choose to use any of the marketing tools out there, you might be able to speed it up and make it simpler. If you have any analytics data to rely on, you should be able to segment your audience into groups, like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Content history/Purchase history
  • Location
  • General interests, etc.
  1. Frequent Communication Can Help Boost Your Email Marketing Engagement Rate

You need to remind your subscribers or readers that you are still present and still making content. Therefore, you should avoid going for weeks without sending emails. However, you should also be careful not to send too many emails over a certain period of time. Being “spammy” can often result in losing subscribers, which can lower your engagement rate. Instead, you should opt to send your emails at least once or twice a week tops. That way, you will constantly remind your readers about your content and you will reduce the chances of them unsubscribing from your blog, website, or email newsletter. Frequent communication is very important for the overall state of your website.

  1. It Is All About Creating a Bond With The Reader

Your readers will be much more inclined into engaging with your content if they feel like they have a strong connection with you. From sending heartwarming welcoming emails to personalizing them, you need to find a way to make the reader connected with you, your brand, or your content. If successful, you will be sure that you will see an increase in your engagement rate. For instance, sending a welcoming email can help you and the reader establish a connection and help the reader understand what they should expect. Furthermore, you can utilize these welcoming emails to get right to the point: Tell the reader what options they have, as in newsletters, promotional emails, etc., and allow them to choose what they want. By letting the reader know what to expect and allowing them to choose what they want to receive, you make sure that the user appreciates what you are doing.

  1. Always Include A Call-To-Action Button In Your Emails

Your emails can single handedly make sure your engagement rate increases. If that is your goal, you want to make sure that each email you send has a CTA button. This button should help your subscribers get to the blog or content you were pushing through the email campaign. That way, you will save your readers their valuable time and allow them to enter the content directly from the email. Although it might seem like a simple thing, a CTA button actually increases the engagement, as well as the conversion rate, by a margin. If you are looking to boost your email marketing engagement rate, including a CTA button in your emails is one of the most efficient ways to do so. Furthermore, if you are promoting something or offering any special deals on your website, CTA buttons can help lead the reader directly to them instead of them having to stroll through the website themselves.



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