55 Free Job Posting Sites

Job Posting Sites

When it comes to finding the right candidate to fill a job opening, small businesses are at a disadvantage. Small business owners are constantly competing with larger companies over the same talent pool. Therefore, small business owners must find ways to differentiate their business and job openings to attract top-notch talent. Even though small business owners will have limited resources, utilizing the right job posting site can help level the playing field. 

It’s apparent that utilizing the Internet is the best way to advertise a job opening. There are various sites that small businesses can utilize to streamline the recruiting process. Using sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed are great sites, but if you are looking for candidates with specific skills you may want to rethink the job posting sites you are currently using. Using job posting sites such as Handshake or The Creative Ham can help small businesses find candidates that possess certain skills required for a specific job. Ultimately, this can help recruiters streamline the recruiting process to fill job openings quickly. 

These job posting sites are a cost-effective way for small businesses to recruit and screen qualified candidates in your area and throughout the world. According to a study conducted by Glassdoor, the average U.S. employer spends nearly $4,000 to hire a new employee. This is commonly known as a company’s cost-per-hire. This can cost you and your small business more than $4,000 if you do not have an efficient candidate screening process in place. 

When it comes to the recruiting process, time is money. If you do decide to utilize a job posting site you will realize how simple it is. Uploading job opportunities is quick and painless. You can upload a job opening and broadcast it within a matter of minutes. When you do this, make sure that your job description is as accurate as possible simply because this will allow potential candidates to vet themselves. This can save your recruiter time and help streamline the recruiting process to ensure you hire the best candidate possible.  

That said, you can also take advantage of the various job posting sites that target candidates with specific skills. There are job boards that cater to interns, remote workers, veterans, creatives, and many more. Finding the right candidate doesn’t have to be time-consuming and frustrating. You just need to know where to look and where to post your job opportunities. 

There’s no need to shuffle through a pile of resumes from underqualified candidates anymore. Utilizing these unique job boards is the ultimate recruiting hack that can help find the right candidate as soon as possible. If you are looking for your next hire, Wikibuy has created a guide to help your business save time and money. Use one of these cost-effective job posting sites today to find your next hire today. 

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15 Places To Post Free Jobs for Your Small Business

Author: Luke Fernandez

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Bio: Luke Fernandez runs Growth at Wikibuy, a consumer product that helps shoppers know when, where, and what to buy. As a Product and Growth leader, Luke has helped Fortune 500 companies and startups alike drive best-in-class marketing through technology and data.


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