6 Tips To Succeed With Instagram Marketing

instagram marketing

Marketing is an industry that has grown and is still growing. Its growth has led to the adoption of digital marketing strategies, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing, etc., by marketers. Thus, this article focuses on social media marketing. And it’s believed that most of the population spends a considerable amount of time on social media. Hence, there’s a need to look for ways to market businesses through these platforms. One of the social media tools gaining traction in marketing is Instagram. How do you go about Instagram marketing? 

This article will give you the tips to adopt to ensure it’s a success. Read on and consider adopting the following strategies:

1. Take Advantage Of Many Followers

Instagram mainly resonates with followers. The more followers you have, the more power you hold on Instagram. You might not have as many followers as you’d wish for a business. However, all hope isn’t lost. You can decide to buy Instagram followers to help with this cause. Visit website offering Instagram followers buying services to find out more about the available options.  

Alternatively, consider taking advantage of and forming partnerships with those who’ve found a footing on Instagram; these are mainly influencers. 

Start by identifying the influencers that your target audience follows. Research them and find one that reflects your brand and what you stand for regarding culture, opinions, etc. Once you’ve identified them from the list, pick the one with the highest number of followers and get into a contract with them. Consider doing this as well for the Instagram followers buying company. You can read more here on some of the reviews of these companies.  

The Instagram influencer will feature your brand on their pages, market your products, and give reviews on your services and products. Since many users follow them and ‘worship’ them, they’re likely to follow in their footsteps. They’ll seek your company’s products and services, allowing you to reach your goal.

2. Open A Business Profile

Instagram allows you to have two types of accounts, personal and business account. As a business, a business profile should be your go-to choice. Why? 

You opened an Instagram account to make it work for your business, mainly by creating visibility. How will you know how you’re fairing on this goal? A business profile gives insight into your account. You can see how a given post faired on a given day, who and how many people visited your profile, etc. These are features you can’t enjoy with a personal profile. 

In addition to getting metrics, you can add call-to-action buttons, such as your business phone number, through which potential customers can reach you. With a business profile, you also have the luxury of adding links to your Instagram stories. The links give your viewers direct access to your Instagram page.

3. Know Your Target Audience

There’s a specific group that your products and services target as a business. You need to research this group. Learn how they interact with Instagram, the posts they like, the pages they follow, and what they post. You can study six or seven profiles of Instagram users you’d call your target audience to get all the insight. 

And with this information, you’re better placed to know the content to post on your page. The content should resonate with your audience for you to be successful with your Instagram marketing.

4. Find The Right Time To Post

Instagram marketing requires you to post content on your page. The content should drive traffic to your page, which increases the chances of you gaining customers. Although it might be tempting to post several images or content several times a day, refrain from doing so. Overposting is likely to rub off wrongly on your target audience. Some might avoid going over your posts since there are too many. Also, they might lack time to go through the six posts you made in a day. However, one captivating post a day is enough to keep your audience anticipating your next one.  

There’s a likelihood that your potential customers may follow other pages on Instagram. Therefore, many feeds follow through with their timeline. You want to time your posts such that your audience doesn’t miss anything you post. Suppose your target audience is working an eight to five job. Consider posting at around eight in the morning, one in the afternoon, and nine in the evening. Why? 

It’s believed that most workers will scroll through their feed just before they get to work, during their lunch break, and just before bed. Therefore, the chances are that they’ll see your post, giving your brand visibility.  

5. Make Use Of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories provide a platform to showcase your brand. You can use this platform to tell a story about your business, such as using images of how you’ve grown, from when you started to where you’re currently. By sharing your journey, you’re likely to get a following from those who’ve been there before. You’re also likely to attract potential investors who appreciate your journey and want to help you grow further; this is a plus.  

Suppose you have new products in stock. Highlight them in your stories to inform them of the arrivals. Besides posting images, inform them how to use each product for the best results. And if you’re a clothes shop, feature models in these items to help your audience visualize how they’d look like in the clothes.   

Most clients will give you feedback on your products and services. Use your Instagram stories to post these reviews as it can help clear any doubt about a given product, especially if they’re positive reviews. You’re likely to gain more customers with this since they believe they’ll also receive the same results.  

6. Make Use Of Hashtags

Many Instagram users use hashtags on their posts to show their connection or belief on a given topic or trend. As a business, consider incorporating them into your posts as well. How do you go about this? 

If you’re in the real estate business, add hashtags such as #real estate in NYC, #buy property, #sell property, #low mortgages, etc. From the given examples, you’ve more or less identified what your brand is all about and your unique selling points. A potential client might need property and see your post and hashtag. They’ll want to know more and visit your page for more information. They’re likely to become your newest clients. 

There are many other hashtag styles you can use to stand out. Besides using your unique selling points, you can use your company’s theme, which will be consistent with all your posts, even as you add others.  

Besides using hashtags to showcase your brand, you can identify Instagram users who use your hashtag on the posts. And all you must do is search your hashtag, and you’ll see who and when they used it. With this information, you can gauge the success rate of this strategy. You can also follow these people to connect with them at a deeper level, which is good for business.


Instagram marketing isn’t as easy, and it also isn’t as hard as you might think. You just have to get it right, and you’ll be making sales and profits year in and year out through Instagram. This article has given you a guide on how to maneuver Instagram marketing. Consider adopting the tips given in this article, and you’ll be on the right track.  


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