6 Ways to be a SUPER Mom

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Mothers are the strongest. They carry a child, bear the pain of birthing, bring children up, fulfill all responsibilities, play several roles, and make it look oh so easy. That’s why we have given mothers the title of super mom.

Society expects mothers to be super moms, i.e., they must be very devoted mothers but also be career-oriented, help children with homework and organize dinner parties, all the while maintaining a model-like figure. These are all unrealistic expectations. No mother can meet these expectations all the time.

What a super mom really needs to do is provide a better environment for her kids to grow and instill confidence in them while also accepting and realizing her limitations. They must focus on what’s best for their children and themselves, regardless of society’s views.

Here are six ways you can become a super mom too.

1. Ask for Help:

To be a super mom, you don’t have to do it all alone. To be a good mother to your kids, you need energy, which cannot come if you take responsibility for everything yourself. Ask for help whenever you feel overwhelmed. It’s better than burnout.

Divide responsibilities with your partner, hire house help, and ask friends and family for support. After all, you need some spare time to spend with your children and care for them. Especially if you have a special-needs child, they require more attention and time than others. You must have time to check up with the doctor to ensure their recovery.

If your child has suffered a birth injury, you can get further help from the Birth Injury Justice Center. They can provide you with useful guides, inform you about possible treatment options, and help you find a suitable lawyer to file for financial compensation to cover the expenses of your child’s treatment. Also, fighting for the rights of your kids will set a strong example for them.

2. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle:

A super mom doesn’t only focus on their kids’ health but also maintains a healthy lifestyle themselves. Moms care for their children the whole day, finish tasks, do household chores, run errands, etc. It’s easy to ignore your health in such a case. But you have to take care of your health to be a healthy, fit mom for your children.

You can do workouts at home using minimal to no gym equipment. You can do yoga, Pilates, or meditation. Also, you can put your kid in a stroller and go for a walk. This is the perfect way to burn extra calories while squeezing in some extra bonding time with your baby.

Moreover, incorporate healthy foods into your diet. Generally, it’s said that adding more colorful foods to your diet means adding more nutrition. So add healthy, colorful fruits and vegetables to your meals. Switch drinks like coffee or tea with green tea, etc.

3. Create a Work-Life Balance:

It’s crucial not to mix your ‘times,’ i.e., office time, family time, and me time. Designate a portion of your day for each of these times. While you are at work, focus wholeheartedly on your job, so you can be an efficient, useful, and productive employee for your employer and company. Don’t take work-related problems home and vice versa.

Leave work at the office when you return home, and give as much time to your family as possible. Children learn a lot from their parents and the guidance they give. So ensure to be there physically, mentally, and emotionally for your children; they need your love, attention, and support. Help them with homework, engage in games or fun learning activities, go out and have food together, etc.

Then comes your me time, which is the most important to help maintain other things. If you keep ignoring yourself, you will fail to perform other tasks. Go to a spa, take a relaxing bath, spend time with your partner, read a book, or do any other self-care activity to recharge.

4. Make and Stick to a Schedule:

Having a routine and following a schedule will not only make motherhood easier for you but will also positively affect your children in their early development stages. Making a schedule goes far beyond daily, extensive to-do lists. To stay organized, plan for as long as you can. Make a weekly or monthly schedule, and while doing so, reevaluate your activities too. Make a list of all the extra activities you must do, and cut off the ones you don’t need to commit to immediately.

Similarly, when it comes to daily schedules, divide your day into chunks and allot a specific time for each activity, like one hour for cleaning, laundry, playing, etc. Even if you cannot complete the said task in the designated time, don’t worry, and just move on to the next one. There is no way to earn the title of a super mom without having a schedule and being organized.

5. Declutter Your Home:

If there is less space and more things in your house and everyone is tripping over something all the time, declutter your house. A super mom’s house needs to be harmonious, organized, and clean, where everyone can easily access things they want.

After every four months, do a grand cleaning, make your kids donate extra stuff, you and kids can sell things in garage sales, etc., and earn some extra money. Throw away old newspapers, magazines, or worn-out other things.

Store the seasonal clothes in storage under the beds. Thus, have an open free space. Involve your kids to make it a family activity and teach them the importance of sustainability and giving back to the community by donating stuff to charities.

6. Relax:

At the end of the day, remember you are not a robot, relax and laugh it off. You don’t have to be everywhere all the time, do everything all the time. So don’t be hard on yourself. In case of any problems, accept the reality, focus on the solution and manage your stress in positive ways.

Cry even if you need to. Don’t bottle up your emotions. Socialize and go out with friends or go to dinner. Just take your time to recharge and regain your energy.

If you still want to involve your family in the relaxation process, you can go on a family vacation, play board games with your family, etc.


As a mother, you have to wear many hats while playing the role of mother, daughter, wife, etc., and focusing on your career too. There is no magical way to handle everything, but there are some ways you can adopt to become a super mom and do it all effortlessly.


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