As a manager, leader, and company owner, it is always interesting to me to see people’s behaviors.  You’d think that if they’re being paid well for a position, that they’d be on their best behavior, especially in front of the boss.  Surprisingly, that isn’t always the case.

Easy Steps to Sink Your Job

  1. Bring your drama to work. Make sure you add extra accusations, and throw other people under the bus regularly.
  2. Fail to be aware of your company’s situation.  I think that no matter whether you work for a small company, or an international conglomerate, failing to be aware of the overall condition of the company will get you into hot water every time.
  3. Show up late every time.  People love dealing with someone who is late all the time.
  4. Ask the same question several times. Ask, and ask the same question over and over again.  You know that people love answering your questions.  It helps the develop their patience.
  5. Constantly ask for more.  Ask for more money, more perks, etc.  Make sure you do this at least weekly, if not several times per week.  It’s sure to be a real manager and crowd pleaser!
  6. Underperform.  Make sure that you never work an actual 40 hour work-week.  Just don’t send status, or if you do, that it is illegible.  Failing to meet goals regularly is also a good way to underperform.
  7. Toot your horn in every other sentence.  Combine this one with the above for an especially pleasing combination.  You are sure to climb the corporate ladder like no-one’s business.

In short, I think that with a tiny bit of effort, you can sink your job like a pro.  After all, no-one really needs one of those pesky job things.  Of course, your stellar reputation will follow you wherever you go, so you’re sure to have a fantastic long term career as well.  The world is a very small place, and people do talk, so if you screw up one job, it may come back to haunt you later.  Life has an interesting habit of coming back around over and over again.

7 Easy Steps to Sink Your Job 1