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Used to the quick pace of the modern world, millennials are becoming experts on looking stylish with very little effort involved. While the older generations might complain that dress codes and norms are becoming far too lax, in reality it’s still very important to dress for success. Wearing something that looks messy and dirty is still a huge faux pas in the corporate world, and entrepreneurs are nothing if not eager to show off their professionalism and present themselves in the best possible light. Picking the right wardrobe is still pretty crucial.

But how do they do these ladies do it? How do they combine their fast lives with good fashion, and what can we learn from their craftiness? We have all the answers right here. 

Say yes to comfort

7 Great Style Lessons from Millennial Entrepreneurs 1

If your shoes can’t get you through the day, do you really want them on your feet? Comfort is far from a simple whim that lazy people thought of just so they wouldn’t have to try hard—comfort is about productivity. Too-tight dresses, painful heels, and scratchy fabrics are distractions that busy entrepreneurs can’t afford to waste time on, so turning to comfy clothes is simply a way to make it easier to focus on the job. Pick soft materials in cuts that flatter your figure without restricting your movements.

Say no to looking unkempt

7 Great Style Lessons from Millennial Entrepreneurs 2

Bear in mind that comfort does not imply thoughtlessness. Showing up to work with a wrinkled sweater and with your hair uncombed doesn’t make you look like a creative genius, it makes you look like a walking disaster. Millennial entrepreneurs will pick simple outfits consisting of jeans and a blazer combo, but they’ll make damn sure that they are clean, pressed, and perfectly neat. Invest in wrinkle-resistant fabrics or iron your clothes regularly, and have your coats dry-cleaned occasionally to preserve their shape. 

Consider creating a uniform

It’s not about creating one outfit to wear every day. Instead, it’s more about a certain type of outfit that you can wear every day because you know it works for you. For example, a fit-and-flare dress combined with a blazer is a lovely, feminine choice, so why not get these essentials in several colors and switch them around? You can also do the same thing with pantsuits, and pretty much any item as long as you combine it with a blazer. This will minimize any shopping-related stress and give you an easy go-to when getting ready in the morning.

Always go for versatility

7 Great Style Lessons from Millennial Entrepreneurs 3

A blazer will make any outfit more professional, and a pencil skirt can be worn with a button-down shirt, a cashmere sweater, or a silk blouse. Millennials enjoy versatility, and if you can wear one garment or accessory in more than three ways, it’s definitely an item worth buying. Another good example would be stylish crossbody travel bags that can be worn not only to work, but out for a lunch with friends, to a club, or simply when your outfit needs a little more elegance. One small item, and yet so many practical possibilities. The same thing goes for white cotton t-shirts, black trousers, Oxford shoes, low blocky heels, woolen cardigans, silk scarves, and simple studded earrings.

Embrace minimalism

7 Great Style Lessons from Millennial Entrepreneurs 4

This mostly relates to picking one color scheme and sticking to it. Millennial women tend to go for neutrals such as black, navy, grey, brown, or nude, and maybe olive or burgundy because having a wardrobe that mostly consists of these shades makes it easier to match things. You can bring in a pop of color here and there to make it all more fun, but a good grey dress paired with a black suit jacket will always look exceptionally professional and stylish.

Invest in a quality suit

7 Great Style Lessons from Millennial Entrepreneurs 5

While they might not be showing up to work in a suit every single day, clever businesswomen know the value of a custom-tailored suit. High-quality fabric and a cut that’s made to suit your figure is a great way to look extremely polished and luxurious, and this is the one thing you want to keep in your closet for all those important meetings or lunch dates with clients.

Signature designer pieces

Millennials are happy to splurge, but only if the garment they’re picking out is worth the investment. Choosing basics from high-class designer brands that don’t shirk on quality means having an item of clothing that will not only last for a long time, but leave the impression of luxury in your overall style. Rather than fifteen shabby and low-quality dresses that fall apart after one season, choose one well-made thing and turn it into your signature. You want to be known by your fashion skills, and this is a good way to show them off in a subtle manner. 

So, here’s the quick rundown: wear things that are cozy, easy to match with each other, and that make you feel confident. As an entrepreneur, having your go-to style tricks and power outfits is the key to always looking both beautiful and capable.