7 Important Tips for Graduates Seeking Employment

7 Important Tips for Graduates Seeking Employment

You are a new graduate! Congratulations! Now what? Well, like most fresh college graduates you are ready to hit the pavement–the virtual pavement–to begin your job search that will hopefully lead to a fulfilling career, if not an interesting career path.

The job search can be a challenging one. Seeking employment requires a lot of patience, perseverance, and know-how. That is why for graduates seeking employment it is important to refer to important tips and resources to aid in your job search.

Utilizing important tips for graduates seeking employment will help guide you in the right direction and secure that new job that is awaiting you. The job market can be turbulent, so new graduates may wonder who is employing and if there are any strong positions open to get them started. Here are 7 important tips for graduates seeking employment.

Utilize Online Resources

While you may have graduated with one specific degree it is advantageous to continue to develop, advance, and add on to your skills. This can look like getting an online graduate degree to support interviewing for a new position or ascending into another. You can also complete online certifications to exhibit a specialization in a certain skill set.

Plan in Advance

You do not want to wait until the day after graduation to begin your job search. You should start planning ways ahead of time. At least a year before graduating, jot down the companies and positions you are interested in and stay on the lookout for potential opportunities. Assess the experience you have and the experience needed to fulfill these positions. This will steer you in the right direction.

Go Where the Jobs Are

If you are seeking employment, do not go outside the hiring bubble. Go to where you know jobs can be found. Hiring sites, social media, and more. Learn what resources are available and effective when it comes to finding new employment. There are various platforms for job seekers that not only list job opportunities but share useful information that can benefit your job search.

Popular platforms currently include Glassdoor and LinkedIn who have adjusted their tools and resources for pandemic conditions. Take advantage of notification tools for job alerts on platforms such as Google, Linked In, and more, so you do not miss out on any job opportunities. Also, utilize advanced search features so you are seeing the positions relevant to your search.

Target the industry you want to enter or assess where you can gain experience to make pivotal career turns and career changes to support where you want to be in the future.

Think Outside the Box

Think Outside the Box


While you do not want to go entirely outlandish, applying for anything and everything that may not be even valuable to you, you do want to think creatively, keeping the bigger picture for your career in mind.

In starting out, you may not walk into a management role right away. (If you do, kudos!) So, you may want to think ahead and look at your career path as a combination of stepping stones, obtaining valuable experience to secure your end job goal.

As previously mentioned, this may include looking at different positions, perhaps even in different industries, where you can gain experience to make career shifts and changes. Instead of a full-time position, you may begin as a contract employee and work your way up. You may even start with an internship, move into freelancing, and then secure a high-level position. 

The course may not be straight, but the vision is clear. Students might have to be willing to work in a temporary role or be willing to change their job compensation expectations or accept a job position with a low than desired starting salary. 

Stay open-minded. You may not land your dream job right away, but you can set yourself up for success by staying open to opportunities that will support the skills, knowledge, and experience you need.

The flexibility of position and compensation will help you be open to and create opportunities. In looking for opportunities, do not forget to consider your livelihood and quality of life. If you need to work right away, secure a job where you can build transferable skills so you can move positions easier later on.

Do Not Forget Your Network

Work your network.  Don’t forget that your network is your net worth. As a graduate, you have numerous people you can include in your network from school, internship, and career services.  Foster professional relationships with them and stay connected as they can lead you to your next or first job.

Have an Optimized Resume

Apply the idea of search engine optimization to your resume. You want your resume to attract and engage the right or desired employer. For this reason, examine the language in the job description of the job that you are wanting to apply to. Identify keywords, those words that stand out to you. This is what the employer or hiring team is looking for.

Include those keywords in your resume to avoid your resume being discarded by automated and tracking systems. Exhibit your strengths and qualities in your resume, such as leadership, collaboration, and innovation. Highlight your success and contributions to your school or other organizations you were a part of.

Stay Persistent


As you prepare to enter the job force, utilize all of the information you can access. Getting a job will take time and effort, so until you have a job, finding a job is your job. Give it the attention it deserves. Write out an effective job search plan where you can monitor your actions, successful applications, scheduled interviews, areas for improvement, and so on.

Although the job market may seem sparse of valuable opportunities and hiring institutions, there is still good news. There are companies still hiring, new jobs in development, and pivots happening in the job market. The job market changes and develops just like other markets. So, stay on the lookout, job seekers. Employment opportunities will strike soon enough.


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