7 Ways to Make Yourself Feel at Home on a Business Trip

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Whether you’re a digital nomad or simply have to travel on business frequently, being on the go so often isn’t always fun and glamorous. The world has “shrunk” and business has become global. With so many people around, things can easily go wrong and become messy, frustrating, and exhausting. Despite all the downfalls, you still need to give your A-game at your meetings and get the best deal possible. For that reason, you need to prepare well in advance so everything goes smoothly and you can feel at home on your trip. Here are several ways to do it.

7 Ways to Make Yourself Feel at Home on a Business Trip 1

Pack wisely

Business trips often have a hectic schedule, so there’s no time to waste on packing big suitcases and checking them in. It’s best to compose a check-list of only essentials that you can pack in a small suitcase, preferably one that can go as hand luggage with you. In this way, you eliminate the risk of losing it and ending up without any change of clothes in a foreign country. It’s also very practical to keep that suitcase only for your business trips and not use it for anything else. You can keep it packed with your typical toiletries, underwear, and business suits that you usually wear so the time you spend getting ready for the trip will be cut down to a minimum.

7 Ways to Make Yourself Feel at Home on a Business Trip 2

Watch your diet and hydration

As much as it’s a tempting quick fix to resort to unhealthy fast food, salty snacks, and sweets at rest stops and layovers, resist it! It’s important you stick to your regular diet since any drastic change can only add to your stress. It’s certainly easier and more convenient to eat what is available when you’re in a rush, but easier isn’t always better. It’s much wiser long-term to have a plan in advance. Change your perspective and see your business trip as an opportunity to taste the local cuisine and enjoy a new experience. Do some research beforehand to find out what type of food and drinks you’ll encounter once you arrive – knowing this can help you manage your appetite and cravings as well as moderate your indulgences. It’s also smart to pack some of your go-to food, snacks, and drinks to get you through the travelling so you don’t reach for the unhealthy stuff.

Staying hydrated is another important consideration on business trips. Lingering at airports during layovers in stale air can be exhausting and cause you to dehydrate. This will lead to headaches, light-headedness, and even dizziness. Most of all, it will tire you. None of these is great if you have meetings lined up. Therefore, you need to be mindful and never travel without a bottle of water at hand.

7 Ways to Make Yourself Feel at Home on a Business Trip 3

Avoid noisy hotels

Staying at hotels is an excellent choice for vacations when all you have to look forward to is fun and relaxation and not a series of meetings. Hotels are often crowded and noisy and at the end of a long day at work, your hotel room gives you a cold welcome. It’s usually been cleaned, the bed made and the room completely devoid of any personality or warmth. Day in and day out, it’ll start feeling like Groundhog Day! For longer business trips, there’s a much better option – you should consider studios for rent located conveniently close to your temporary workplace, cosy, comfortable, stylishly decorated, and reminiscent of home. This will provide the much-desired peace and quiet you’ll need when the workday is finished as well as the freedom to relax and unwind in the manner you prefer.

7 Ways to Make Yourself Feel at Home on a Business Trip 4

Stick to your routine

It may sound boring at first mention, but there are great benefits to sticking to your typical routine. Firstly, your body and mind already function to that clock, plus, doing things the way you’re used to, like having a specific breakfast, drinking your favourite coffee, reading your newspaper, eating at a certain restaurant, and working out at the same gym gives you a sense of security and belonging. They also remind you of home which adds to the feeling of stability. In essence, life goes on even on your business trips, so make an effort to get organised well – after work, do some excercise , go see a cultural event, go out and have fun in the evenings. Just remember – to do it all in moderation!

Stay active

If you’ve always led an active lifestyle, it’s important you continue so on your business trip as well. Stick to the typical routine you practice at home, whether it’s running, working out, yoga, or swimming. There’s usually a gym or a pool nearby in big cities, but you can also bring smaller pieces of exercise equipment with you and work out in your apartment.

Don’t forget your meds

Even if you take every necessary precaution, it’s still very easy to catch a virus when you’re tired, sleep-deprived, and stressed out about work. It’s certainly not recommended you wait to treat your symptoms until you get home or waste precious time in searching for your go-to cold medicine. Therefore, the best course of action is to have a quick check-up at your doctor’s before you leave, get their advice, and bring your vitamins, supplements, and medications with you. If they advise a certain regimen for the duration of your trip, you can set off worry-free and safe knowing you’re covered in case you get sick.

7 Ways to Make Yourself Feel at Home on a Business Trip 5

Bring your family or a friend

Home is where the heart is and the heart gets attached to people, not buildings, so if the situation allows, bring a family member, spouse, or a friend along on your trip. If you’re going to rent an apartment, it usually has a sofa beside your bed, so they can crash there while you go about your business. With them around, every moment you have free from business can be filled with fun and adventure. If your friends or spouse cannot come, you can bring a part of them with you – bring a piece of home, an item or possession that belongs to them or reminds you of them that can make everything seem easier and homier when you sit alone after work and get ready for bed. You can also bring them along virtually by having frequent phone or video calls.

Business travel is almost always hard both physically and emotionally but is also often unavoidable. With these practical tips, you can make every trip in the future less stressful, more productive, and more enjoyable!


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