7 Ways To Prepare For An Uncertain Future

Uncertain Future

For those who love to take control, there’s nothing more worrying than the idea of an uncertain future. The pandemic has brought unspeakable damages and has reshaped the future to become more unpredictable for most of us. And it has unquestionably tested our skills to future-proof our lives as it brought millions of job cuts globally, causing major disruptions to traditional processes.

No one can predict what will happen in the coming days, weeks, or years. It doesn’t help to stress over this immutable fact and there’s no need to worry over things we have no control of. However, carrying on with our lives in the “Hakuna Matata-style” without plans to get ready for the future is a serious mistake. In any case, the most important thing is to prepare for uncertainties, now, if you haven’t started yet.

You may not have full control over the future but you can reduce the risk of its detrimental effects today. Here are a few ways to future-proof your life.

1. Expect the Unexpected

It’s hard to strike a balance between expecting positive and negative things. Looking at the future with rose-colored glasses and later experiencing unfavorable circumstances that are completely detached from your optimistic forecasts may lead to depression. On the other hand, if you’re outlook is full of negativity, you may not be able to recognize opportunities that can help you achieve better outcomes. Aside from missed opportunities, a negative mindset will force you to constantly deal with stress and excessive worrying. Accept that things can go wrong but don’t be too negative or positive about it.

One of the United States Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, once wrote that; “nothing in this world is certain, except for death and taxes.” That universal truth being said, it’s never too early to seek the services of an estate planning law firm to literally rest in peace when it’s your time to go.

2. Have Plan A and Plan B

Perhaps it is human nature to seek control over one’s life. Besides, we all need to have some level of assurance to feel comfortable. We tend to get stressed and experience stress or anxiety when confronted with something can’t be controlled or managed. This typical reaction to uncertainties may be human instinct, but it shouldn’t be the norm.

Ideally, one should prepare for all possibilities by creating plans A and B (and even C) for when your ideal outcomes do not push through as expected. This allows you to remain resilient despite the multiple probabilities, whether favorable or unfavorable to your situation. For instance, if you have a business and want to prepare your enterprise to thrive post-pandemic, re-visit your business strategies and create contingencies to weather future storms.

On a personal level, say you want to study to become a doctor but don’t have enough financial resources. Consider applying for a scholarship (plan A). You can also work part-time to earn additional income (plan B). Otherwise, consider taking out a loan (plan C).

3. Find ways to increase income streams

While money isn’t everything, it certainly is necessary to keep us going.

Workers who lost their jobs were highly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of them who had little savings managed to survive by engaging in food and delivery services. Unfortunately, those who had nothing in their coffers relied on the help that was often hard to come by.

Getting your finances in order and saving for a rainy day should be a priority. If possible, don’t be contented with only one income source, especially if you don’t have fluid investments or have limited revenue sources. Flex your entrepreneurial streak and look for opportunities to generate passive income. Don’t want to engage in business? Try investing in stocks or inflexible and all-in-one insurance coverage.

Otherwise, save whatever is left after spending for your essential needs. Make it a habit and always drop some money, whether a small or large amount, in your money box. You’d be amazed at how much you’re able to save after a year or so.

4. Insure your future

No one wants to think about disastrous events. While it may be thrilling to watch your favorite Hollywood heroes perform various superhuman abilities on screen, it’s never fun to experience apocalyptic events in real life. Still, we have to consider thinking about getting insurance coverage to withstand life’s unpleasant surprises.

Insurance products have become flexible these days, with some offering easily-withdrawable and all-in-one options that integrate investments, too. With insurance coverage, you can avoid paying for out-of-pocket costs for accidents that could lead to serious injuries and other major implications.

5. Manage your future right now

Your future is predominantly dictated by what you do at present, even if there are external circumstances that can influence what will happen to your life in the next few years. Be that as it may, try to perform as many activities today that can help create a better path for your future. Focusing on your career path may be one of these major steps.

For instance, if you’re a neophyte lawyer who’s been eyeing to specialize in your legal practice, consider enlisting the help of a specialist legal recruiting firm to sharpen your skills and expand your network.

6. Be confident that you can do it  

This helpful mantra embodies that thought that what your mind can conceive, you can achieve. Being resilient starts with having the mindset that you can withstand whatever challenges life throws at you. Besides, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

You have the possibility to attract the things that you’ve been fervently thinking about into your life. But it’s not enough if you don’t exert some effort into it.

7. Do the things you love  

It’s understandable to feel a bit pressured and anxious in the face of uncertainties. However, moping around all day won’t make the uncertainties of the future magically disappear.

Apart from taking steps to prepare for an unpredictable future, make time to enjoy the present. Performing some physical and meditation exercises, traveling, ticking an item off your bucket list, and just doing the things that you love can help keep worries off your mind. It’s also helpful to have someone whom you can rely on for support, especially during trying times.

No matter how challenging your life is these days, always be thankful that you’re alive. Existing means having the opportunity to turn things around. Perhaps the most important takeaway is to always learn something from previous mistakes.

Final Thoughts

The future is always uncertain. And no matter how much you plan, accept that anything — good or bad — can happen. No matter what’s in store for you, don’t let future uncertainties prevent you from taking steps that can improve your future.


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