8 Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Your Startup in 2020

Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Your Startup

Launching your own startup is a great achievement for every beginner entrepreneur. However, it is necessary to make a bit of progress each month. To increase sales, you will first have to improve your marketing efforts. Here are the top eight digital marketing tips for growing your startup on a higher level in 2020.

Creative and quality content

Nowadays, customers and readers are not satisfied with regular content. You need to offer innovative and high-quality content that engages your audience. First of all, think about all the necessary information, details, and keywords you want to put in your content. Then, spread it wherever it is required – landing page, blog posts, social media posts, Google ads , etc. Make sure that the content you provide is useful and exciting to your customers. Such an approach will improve your rankings and increase organic traffic to your website.

Improve your ranking with SEO

Improving your website ranking is possible only if you put a lot of effort into SEO strategies. Research the best keywords related to your industry and put them strategically into different pieces of content. Besides website optimization, you should also focus on building credible links to improve visibility. However, if you are not an SEO expert, it is always better to hire a professional agency that offers white label SEO services . Besides saving valuable time, you will also save a lot of money. First of all, you won’t need to hire any additional employees in the marketing sector. And second, you won’t have to invest in other SEO tools that are necessary for a successful SEO campaign. The agency will take care of these things.

Video marketing and live streaming

Each year, video marketing and live streaming are more and more popular, and such a trend will continue in 2020. According to one HubSpot survey , around 53% of consumers said that video is the type of content they want to see from the brands they support. Therefore, if you’re going to stay competitive in your industry and engage customers, you’ll have to create more videos in your marketing and social media campaigns. Besides YouTube, which is the most popular video platform, you should also use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other popular channels. Live streaming is also an opportunity you shouldn’t overlook, especially when you plan to attend (or organize) an event or business conference.

Conversational marketing

There is no better way to create trust among your customers than in one-on-one conversations. There are numerous benefits to this type of marketing. First of all, that is the only way to create a more human buying experience, instead of just offering your services. Second, by talking to your audience directly, you can learn more about their wishes and preferences. And finally, you will be able to create more valuable content based on the information and details you heard from your audience. There are many forms of conversational marketing – live customer support, email marketing, chatbots, Messenger marketing, and much more. Try to focus on at least two or three forms of conversational marketing and create valuable, trustworthy relationships with your customers.

Social media marketing

There are two main parts of your online brand identity – website and social media channels. Hence, social media is a marketing area that requires continuous work. Your job is to engage your audience regularly through creative and compelling posts. To maximize your growth, your social media strategy has to be consistent. Thins is the only way for you to start generating leads and conversions and increase your brand awareness. Influencer marketing is also something you should not overlook, primarily if you are operating your business in the fashion or sports industries. Keep in mind that your posts should not be too promotional all the time. Customers will find it spammy and annoying. Instead, create engaging videos and infographics, and put out valuable information that is closely related to your industry.

Improve user experience

Customers mean everything for your business, and it will always be like that. They are the ones who make you the money, and your primary goal should be the improvement of their experience on your website. We’ve already mentioned content as one of the most significant tasks that affect user experience, but there is a lot more. The loading speed of your website is the crucial user experience factor. Nowadays, people don’t want to bother with slow sites – they’ll just close that window and continue browsing elsewhere. Also, there are many essential details, such as intuitive menu navigation, a FAQ section, visually pleasing colors and layout, and much more. Always think about what might interest your audience, focus on it, and improve user experience as a result.

Augmented reality and visuals

Augmented reality (AR) is a lot more popular among artists and marketers than virtual reality (VR). Why is that so? The most important reason is that users love augmented reality filters and lenses that are offered on social media platforms, such as Snapchat or Instagram. For instance, you can put a flower crown on your head, add a puppy nose, or have Bugs Bunny’s ears instead of yours. People love these things, and using social media platforms for these marketing goals is crucial. Also, platforms such as Snapchat offer you the ability to create your own filters and lenses. It means that you can brand your filters to promote your business to social media users. Fun visual content seems childish, but it actually offers a lot of marketing possibilities.

Voice search

When AI assistants like Alexa entered our lives, the usage of voice search became super popular. Of course, such a trend will continue, and people will use their voices much more than typing. However, keep in mind that the text you type into the search field is different than how you speak to a smartphone or digital assistant. For instance, instead of typing “PC shop San Francisco” you would ask, “Where can I find the best PC shops in San Francisco?”

Following all the essential marketing trends is vital for your startup success. However, every strategy and method should be tested multiple times. It is also crucial to track the results of each campaign to know if you should continue with it or not.


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