8 Facets of a Leader’s Weekend

8 Facets of a Leader’s Weekend

Thomas Jefferson said that any person who never loses any time would have the occasion to complain about the want of time. He added that if we are always doing, then we can accomplish so much.

What is the reason behind a leader’s weekend being different? Here are eight reasons that I have seen that are consistent for many leaders.

1. To Achieve a Productive Weekend, Be Proactive in Your Priorities

Without analyzing much, people can be categorized into two groups, namely proactive and reactive. Among the traits of a leader, being proactive is probably at the top of the list. Even on weekends, this tendency to be proactive doesn’t diminish. Just because it is the weekend doesn’t mean you have to stop being proactive.

Proactive people always schedule their events for the weekend, of course, with room for changes. On the other hand, a reactive person allows the weekend to happen without planning. A good example is a leader in the finance and technology industry, who stated that he color codes his days to make sure that he is proactively prioritizing the right activities for the life he wants to live.

2. Rise Early

Ask any leader about the most valuable assets of humanity, and they will tell you that time is one of them. I enjoyed what the Leadership Girl editor wrote regarding time as a business leader, “In the world of business, time is money. It’s as valuable an asset as your staff and finances, so it’s important to treat it as such. Plan your day carefully, be ruthless with your prioritization, and learn the power of delegation. And of course, don’t forget to always eat your frogs.” Besides, such people realize that time is a limited commodity, and while it is possible to make more money, making more time is impossible.

Therefore, a leader generally realizes this concept by rising early to make the most of their day. Remember to make the distinction; sleep is crucial, but sleeping in is not.. You’ll find parents with little kids rising as early as possible to have some time to themselves before the children get up.

3. Maximize Your Mornings

It is advisable to be highly effective in your morning activities. Let’s say that you have specific tasks to accomplish. The best way would be to categorize the tasks and errands efficiently so that you can save time for other tasks needing your attention.

If you do not think about your mornings and come up with strategies, you’ll end up with wasted mornings and zero activity. No wonder Dante said that the person who knows most grieves more for lost time.

4. Disconnect

By disconnecting yourself, I don’t mean spending the entire day watching your favorite shows. This refers to periods where you can get away from your daily schedule and reflect.

A leader is always trying to get to the next level and accomplish more. This is why taking some time off and disconnecting might prove to be a challenge. But it is vital to rest during the weekend. When you are always on the move or working, you might not rest or even sleep well. By resting, you will recharge your batteries and be more productive.

5. Set Aside Some Time For Loved Ones

Any leader understands to be extra productive; it is essential to prioritize their life. One of the ways of doing this is to spend some quality time with family and friends A leader realizes that it’s their loved ones that allow them to be such a good leader. Spending time with them and continuing to maintain a strong connection to them help them lead in the workplace and in other areas of life.

6. Treating the Body Right

For a person to grow in leadership, it is highly recommended that they embrace a good exercise regimen and proper diet. Apart from helping you deal with stress, exercise can also give you a clear head after the week’s activities.

Many factors depend on the diet you take, and this includes your energy levels. Think of the famous saying, Garbage In, Garbage Out. A poor diet will lead to inefficiency and a lack of energy to accomplish tasks. An excellent read on this matter is Joseph Chukwube’s Pick the Brain article on diet and productivity.

7. Schedule the Coming Week

Scheduling your weekend should not be limited to the weekend only; instead, it should be carried forward to the coming week. One trait of a leader is that they are constantly planning, scheduling, and executing, meaning it is vital to ponder about the coming week and prioritize.

While I make use of Google Calendar to plan my week meticulously, you can opt for numerous tools that can help you to plan your week.

8. Rest is Important

To be a leader, you cannot underestimate the power of enough sleep. According to the Sleep Foundation, sleep is a crucial pointer of excellent health and our well being.

It is interesting that throughout our lifetime, we spend up to a third of our life sleeping, making the state of our ‘sleep health’ critical to our well being. Also, from 18-64 years, you need 7-9 hours of sleep, while for 65 years and above need 7-8 hours. You can try going to bed and waking up at the same time each day for your body to get used to the rhythm. Having a consistent sleep schedule can also help relieve feelings of grogginess or fatigue.

8 Facets of a Leader’s Weekend 1

Ben Tejes writes for the Ascend and SBTC blog with the goal to help lead people to achieve financial freedom. He covered such financial topics such as Midland Funding LLC, Chapter 7 Means Calculator and Chapter 13 calculator. When he’s not working, Ben enjoys going on adventures with his wife and two young daughters all over the bay area.


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