8 Tips For Choosing The Best Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence Software

Making wise decisions is essential in any business organization. However, there are several barriers to effective decision-making. These include a lack of enough information, bounded rationality, time constraints, etc. The good news is that any manager can leverage the power of business intelligence solutions to streamline the decision-making process.  

Here are some tips for selecting the best business intelligence software.  

1. Find A System That Can Integrate With Other Applications 

Automating processes is the best way to run a successful business. This helps workers to utilize fewer resources to maximize returns. For that reason, apart from business intelligence software, you’re likely to have other tools in your business systems. That’s why finding compatible solutions are essential. 

Integration is the ability of the selected business intelligence tool to work in harmony with other existing applications. In other words, it must interact well with your other existing business programs.  

2. Choose Software With Security Features 

Today, cybersecurity attacks are a big concern to any business. This can occur when bad people access your company’s systems to steal or manipulate your data. When that happens, you can be forced to close down your store or incur hefty costs to restore the stolen data. Find effective ways to protect your online business data. 

Business intelligence software contains a lot of data regarding your company. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a solution with security features to ensure your data is secure. When buying business intelligence software, some security features to consider include automatic updates, real-time scanning, auto-clean, row-level security, and user privilege parameters.  

3. Purchase A System You Can Use With Ease

The various available business intelligence software comes different in terms of ease of use. Some are complex, while others are simple to work with. It’d be good to find an application your team can utilize with ease.  

There are two major benefits of selecting software with ease of use. That’s to save time and money. When you buy a complex business intelligence tool, you’ll likely spend a lot of time training your workers on how to use it. This may hurt your business productivity. 

At the same time, a complex system may force you to hire experts to educate you on how you can utilize it. This brings extra costs to your business. You can save time and money by selecting a system with ease of use.  

With simple business intelligence software, you can save time and money. You won’t take much time and money to train your staff. Just a few minutes or hours will be enough to orient your workers to the installed system.  

4. Consider The Pricing Versus Quality 

Pricing is one of the fundamental things most business owners consider when buying business intelligence software. This comprises the purchase cost, installation fee, and maintenance expense.  

Various service providers have attached different prices to their software. While some charges are too high, others are reasonable. Find a solution that can suit your budget. In other words, if you have limited cash, find a cheap system. But if you have enough budget, you can find an expensive business intelligence application.  

While most business owners only consider the price when purchasing software, quality is equally important. Installing a low-quality system may harm your business. Such systems are more prone to malfunction and might not last long. For that reason, it’s advisable to select high-quality software at a reasonable price.  

5. Purchase A Mobile Business Intelligence Tool 

Remote working is one of the hottest trends in the business world. It’s a practice where employees utilize the internet to work from anywhere other than the designated physical business office or location. This can be from home, a restaurant, or any other convenient place. If you allow your workers to work remotely, you need mobile business intelligence software.  

With a mobile business intelligence system, you can keep everyone in your organization and other stakeholders connected. This enables better collaboration to make wise and faster decisions.  

6. Choose A Customizable Solution

Every business is unique in terms of operations. Therefore, your company’s needs and how you make decisions might be different from other companies. Ensure the selected business intelligence software that can accommodate your specific business requirements. In other words, it should be customizable to fit your needs.  

7. Go For A Scalable Business Intelligence Tool 

Buying and installing a business intelligence system is an investment that can take much of your money. Therefore, you need to make the right decision from the start.  

You’ll find both scalable and non-scalable software on the market. If you’re looking to grow your small business to a giant in the future, find a scalable solution.  

Scalability is the ability of the selected business intelligence tool to continue accommodating your growing firm. In other words, it should grow with your company without any need for replacement.  

A scalable solution will accommodate your small business today and even when it becomes big. This will help you avoid incurring extra costs in the future.  

8. Find Software From Reputable Vendor

The success of your business intelligence system will greatly depend on the service provider. Some vendors provide quality solutions compared to others. Buy your software from a seller who is known for providing quality solutions.  

Sometimes you might not be able to know the quality of services provided by a specific vendor until you work with them. However, you can determine whether they’re reputable before signing a deal with them.  

The best way to know whether a vendor is reputable is to read other clients’ online reviews or comments. A service provider with many positive opinions is considered good. You might want to find a business intelligence solution from such a company. Avoid buying software from a vendor with many negative reviews. Such a company may not provide quality software or services.  


Automating your decision-making process is the best way to grow your company. It ensures you’re making the right decisions at the right time. You can achieve that by installing business intelligence software. Make sure you follow the tips in this article to find the best tool on the market.  


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