8 Tips to Better Manage Your Work & Family Life

Manage Your Work & Family Life

Are you constantly wondering how to be a thriving entrepreneur and an equally successful mum? If you’ve had trouble juggling work and family life, we’ve got news for you – you’re not the only one. Millions of women around the world are dealing with the same issues and constantly question their abilities. However, you shouldn’t be doing that because there’s not a thing in this world that we couldn’t do once we set our minds to it. So, without further ado, we bring to you tips that will help you manage your work and family life much more efficiently.

Don’t go back to work until you’re ready

New mums tend to have the biggest problem when they need to go back to work. Whether it’s separation anxiety or the fact that you’re still physically not feeling like you can take on as much work as before, working until you’re ready can be stressful. Not only will working under stress leave negative effects on your productivity, but it will also be detrimental to your relationship with your family. Feeling nervous and agitated will likely make you lash out at people who have zero faults in how you feel. Therefore, going back to work until you’re 100% ready is a big no-no.

Learn to organize your time

Time management isn’t everyone’s strong suit, but it can quickly become something you’re the best at. All you need to do is get yourself a planner that will allow you to manage your time well. Having a visual representation of your time will help you organize your time more effectively. Whether you choose a notebook-like planner or you go for a digital one, it will fully transform the way you manage time.

Furthermore, you should start thinking about being proactive about your schedule. For example, pack the kids’ lunches, and lay out their clothes the night before. Think about breakfast options the night before, and save time on thinking about it in the morning. Have everyone’s bag already packed for morning and placed by the door, next to your keys, so you can grab them and lock them up on your way out.

Consider child care

Getting child care is one of the best ways to manage work life and family life. Having a reliable person watch over your children will reduce the stress of rushing back home from work to check on them. If your parents are not available to look after the kids, look for trained and recommendation-backed nannies. Alternatively, you can look for childcare facilities where your kids will learn to socialise early on.

Share experiences with other mums

Nothing feels as good as knowing that you’re not the only one trying to handle work life and mum life. That’s why you should also seek advice from other entrepreneur mums who have managed to find their way around common issues that every working mum faces. You should check an online community such as the top-rated Mumli motherhood app, where you’ll be able to connect with like-minded mums and share your wealth of mum hacks. You were never meant to do this alone, so you might as well get all the help you need.

Working together with your partner is essential

Another way to manage work and family life is to work together with your family. Delegating tasks is one way to start. If you’re on mum duties for the evening, your partner should make sure the house is tidy. Share custody over your kitchen and decide which days you’ll cook and on which days your spouse or partner will do it. You two are in this together, so all the chores and errands need to be delegated fairly. If you have a child old enough to dust or vacuum, allow them to do so.

You’ll need time for yourself too

One of the essential tips we need to mention is that you must find time for yourself during the week. Set an hour or two every week for some pampering. Ideally, you should have at least an entire afternoon to allow your mind to catch up with your body and feel balanced again. However, if that’s not an option, then having at least an hour or two every Sunday will be therapeutic for you. Whether you want to have a facial, read a book or listen to your favourite music in the backyard, your time should be only yours. We all need some time away from everyone to allow ourselves to recharge and clear our minds. Once you’ve had the chance to be alone with your thoughts, you’ll have all the energy needed to continue being the best at work.

Don’t forget about date nights

While alone time is essential for your state of mind, making sure you spend enough alone time together with your partner is crucial for your love life. Just because you’ve got a family now doesn’t mean that you can’t find time for rekindling the old flame between the two of you. Going on a date night once a week or twice a month (depending on your schedule) will help you remember why you love each other so much and that all the struggle you’re going through currently is worth it.

Avoid time wasters

Taking a break can often turn into procrastination if you don’t know how to stay away from all the distractions. Sticking to your schedule is crucial, so when you take a break from work, make sure you don’t go the usual path of meaningless scrolling through social media. Don’t fall down the gossiping rabbit hole, and avoid long lunches that can be distractions that will make you less productive.  Instead of watching TV, maximize time with your partner during the evenings.

Final thoughts

Juggling working and family life doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Once you figure out time management and you get rid of distractions, you’ll be able to make anything happen. Feel free to try all of the tips we’ve listed and make your life a much better and more enjoyable journey.


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