9 Essential Tips for Starting a Cannabis Delivery Service

Cannabis Delivery Business

Support for Cannabis legalization is growing mainstream in the political space with many states now supporting its recreational use. Well, it is a significant piece of the pie for anyone who ventures into this space. You may have been thinking of starting a cannabis delivery service but are unsure how to begin. We are here to help you get started! In this regard, here are some tips to help you get the show on the road:

Have a solid strategy

The first step in starting a delivery business is to create a comprehensive and thoughtful strategy. Start with researching to ensure that cannabis delivery is feasible for your dispensary. Understand the laws that apply to your region and state. Look at the historical data of your previous sales to see if you have a customer base that would appreciate delivery. Analyze customer demographics to identify the most effective delivery model for them. Do the math to see if the profit margins in a delivery business will make sense.

You do not want to start a delivery business that will not be profitable in the long run. Understand how many new employees you will need to run your delivery business effectively. Plan their wages to have a clearer view of your expected profit margins. Draft a robust business plan to help set a roadmap for your business. Include all the costs you will incur in your operations and other aspects, like growth prospects.

Always adhere to the state laws

Although many states are legalizing cannabis, most still have reservations about delivery. Delivering marijuana is not as easy as shoes or furniture. Each state where cannabis is legal has a set of rules and regulations that they require people to follow. Failure to which, you may have to deal with fines or worse, suspension of your operating license. Acquaint yourself with the legal requirements in your state so that you are not on the wrong side of the law.

Take charge of your inventory

You need to store your product well to maintain its freshness. Do all you need to do to ensure that the cannabis you deliver is in good storage before reaching the final consumer. Opt for glass jars that prevent microbial growth that could compromise your product. Search online for glass jars with rubber seals to ensure that your product remains fresh. Also, make sure to keep cannabis at the right temperature. If the temperature is too high, you risk the cannabis losing its pharmacological properties. And if too low, your product may suffer microbial growth. Have a reliable inventory tracking system like parsl for better operational efficiency.

Select a reliable mode of transport

Though legal, cannabis is still a sensitive product for many people. Try to make your delivery vehicle as discreet as possible. Most customers do not appreciate the whole world knowing that they’ve ordered marijuana. Steer clear of branded company cars to protect your customer’s privacy. Prioritize the security of your drivers too. Ensure that the vehicles you use are safe. Install alarms and locks to keep the drivers and your products safe from malicious persons. The car you use needs to keep the product as fresh as possible during transit.

Partner with the right people

The people you choose to work with can make or break your business. Select the best partners who will help maximize profits and streamline workflow. Finding the right people to integrate into your delivery business will help you handle delivery, be on top of your taxes and build a positive customer experience that fosters loyalty.

Use software to make your deliveries more efficient

An efficient delivery process is necessary to succeed in any delivery business. It is especially beneficial when you have to deliver multiple packages at once. Incorporate a tool that will help you organize and optimize routes to allow for numerous stops. The software can also help with real-time monitoring and GPS tracking. Customers will appreciate knowing where their orders are. You can also receive confirmations for successful deliveries.

You could also consider having an online app. Having an app creates a positive brand perception in your customer’s minds. The app needs to be easy to use. The registration process needs to be seamless. Navigating the app and searching for products needs to be smooth. Consider having filters to make searches easier. Incorporate E-wallet options and features for processing orders, refunds, product catalogues, and handling payments. It also helps to have a delivery management system in the app to manage orders effectively.

Find a reliable source for your stock

You need a reliable source to procure your stock. Find a trustworthy source to ensure that you supply high-quality products to your potential customers. Avoid illegal suppliers that might get you in trouble with the law. Choose to only deal with suppliers with necessary permits and licenses. You could either link with a local dispensary to handle the delivery part of their business or source a wholesaler to supply the inventory of your stock. Alternatively, you could go the extra mile and consider having your farm.

Find a suitable location

The location you select for your business is a significant determiner of success for any business. Select a place where the weed delivery regulations are not too cutthroat. Choose a location with many cannabis users. Know if the locality you are settling for is safe for business and if it is an open or closed market.

Market your service

Shout about your business from the rooftops. Do everything you can to get the word out about your delivery service. Create a website to market your offerings. It will go a long way towards getting you, new customers. Advertise on your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You could even hit up local dispensaries to get new clients.

Wrapping up

Your cannabis delivery service will surefire thrive when you get it right from the onset. The key is to understand the laws in your area before you venture into the business.


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