A Consultant’s Career Path

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There are over 600,000 consulting firms worldwide that deliver a developed variety of consulting services. As more people become aware of the fundamental value of their specific expertise and skills, we have gradually observed more individuals creating opportunities for themselves in a consulting career. 

There are at present a broad range of potential options when it comes to setting up a career in consulting using your unique experience, skill, and extensive knowledge.

Whether you will be entering an established consulting firm or setting up as a freelance consultant, you must be prepared and planned for all probabilities, before executing life-changing career decisions. A career plan is vitally important and will drive your performance and will help keep you moving forward toward your end goal.

Career Entry-Points

Entering into a career in consulting can occur at any number of entrance points. Each level of entry will come with a distinct range of functions. The general entry points for a consultant are:

  • Undergraduates, which is also the 2nd leading point of entry for consulting, includes talented applicants who have not completed their MBA.
  • Graduate hires are potential entrants that have successfully achieved their MBA
  • Alternative admissions include industry skilled consultants. For example, an experienced doctor who has already completed a specific medical degree and uses their unique skill set to provide consulting services would have entered at the alternative admissions entry-point.

Exit This Way

Consultancy knowledge opens up a broad range of exit opportunities. While some exit for personal reasons, others exit for bigger and better opportunities. There are a significant number of reasons consultants typically give up their consulting career, these can include;

  • Not wanting to continue with a certain requirement of their consulting career, such as frequent travel. In some instances, others choose to pursue a role or position that does offer more travel or relocation opportunities.
  • Choosing to enter a certain industry and using their skill set for a specific purpose, like fulfilling a role as a project manager.
  • Starting a family or entering into a family business.
  • Choosing to use their extensive knowledge and particular skills in the corporate sector
  • Venturing out and providing freelance consulting services.
  • Choosing to further their academic skills, which is one of the most common exit reasons among undergraduate hires.

Start Your Journey With A Plan

Whether you are an established consultant pursuing alternative opportunities, or just beginning your career straight out of university, knowing what to expect is significant. Knowledge undoubtedly provides an inspired vision when setting your personal goals and key objectives. 

Establishing purpose represents a significant part of your career plan. Accomplishing these specific goals and objectives is critical to personal development and represents an excellent opportunity to progressively develop your skills and maximize your potential. 

It can help at this point in your career to look for a career coach. Coaches can provide guidance that comes from a wealth of knowledge and experience. This can assist you in carrying out informed decisions about your future career path.


A consultant’s career path: https://www.myconsultingcoach.com/news/a-consultant-s-career-path


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