A Real Leader Builds The Next Generation of Leaders

A Real Leader Builds The Next Generation of Leaders

I’ve heard it said, that anyone can have followers, but a real leader builds the next generation of leaders.  I think that is very true.  It is not so difficult to get other people to follow you, if you are smart, and charismatic.

How do you build the next generation of leaders?  What does it take?  Can anyone be taught to be a leader?  Or is Leadership an innate skill?

I think that leadership is a skill that is taught, and nurtured. Most people do not spring forth as leaders, as many of the soft skills required take time, practice, and maturity to develop.  Likewise, it takes time and patience to nurture skills in other people.  It takes a lot of patience to watch someone else do something that you likely could do yourself in half the time- and naturally do a better job of.  But by taking the time, and energy to focus on creating a new generation, you yourself learn a lot.  Many times, you learn the subject better when you are the teacher.  It is a great teaching trick- get someone to teach someone else, and suddenly they will have a much better mastery of the topic.

Think of Leadership in that sense.  You yourself learn leadership skills by teaching them to others, and by building the next generation of leaders.

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  1. Amy Hageman says:

    Haley, I just want to say that I LOVE your blog and all of the positive, concrete advice and information that it contains. You go girl!

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