Advanced Degrees That Can Increase Your Earning Potential

After you graduate with your bachelor’s degree, what’s the next step? If you’re thinking about increasing your earning potential, you should think about some advanced degrees. Depending on the avenue you take, you might find some far better career options.


One of the most common choices is adding on a two-year master’s degree to your bachelor’s. There are many kinds of master’s degrees, each according to their field (an MFA, an MS, etc.), but one of the most financially advantageous is a Master of Business degree. Right off the bat, you have a wider range of career options. You can find work in numerous sectors, from government work to non-profit, to even tech or healthcare companies. You will have more job security as well as a higher range for your salary. You will be in a better position to negotiate the details of your position.

Law Degree

The field of law is open to a wide variety of undergraduate degrees as long as you get a good score on the LSAT–and if you have the grades and experience to back it up. Getting a law degree can lead you to different career paths. There is actually a surprisingly wide range of sub-specialties, and it’s very possible you might find one that interests you (business law, criminal law, marriage and family law, immigration law, etc.). The good thing about a law degree is the financial stability that it provides. Lawyers are always in demand, and it only takes around three years to get an advanced law degree. On top of that, you’ll have the ability to make a meaningful difference.

Medical Degree

This one is one of the most difficult, but it is also one of the most fruitful. The world of graduate medical school is similarly guarded by the MCAT test. Your undergrad grades will matter immensely as well, with majors relating to biological sciences, math, or humanities being the typical choices. Medical school can be a grueling process where your grades determine what specialty you can pick. Medical school is typically four years long, followed by a residency period of three to seven years. As intense as it is, you will come out the other side with years of experience in a lucrative career.


Make sure to research whatever you are considering. Sometimes, advanced degrees are worth all of the effort, money, and time that they will take–nevertheless, an advanced degree isn’t always best for everyone. Thoroughly consider every option before making a final choice.

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