Advice for New Employees

Advice for New Employees

What is your advice for new employees at your company?  As part of my job, I recruit, train, and manage a fairly large number of college interns – 9 of them currently.  I know that I’m constantly giving them advice.

  • Take Notes.  Don’t rely on remembering everything that was said to you.
  • Yes, you should study some of these things.  Linux commands, how the operating system works, and more.  Those are your homework.
  • Show up on time.
  • Communicate, regularly, early, and often.

What items do you wish people knew, and followed when they start at your company?  If you could drop a bug in someone’s ear, what would it be?  I’m planning on taking the ideas you post, and using them for a “new employee handbook”.

2 Responses

  1. Kathy says:

    Open door policy does not mean that you are free to interrupt. Always ask if this is a good time, estimate how much time you will need and stick to that, especially if the other person looks busy. If you think it’s going to take significant time, ask for a meeting.

    Don’t walk in the door with a problem without having some ideas or thoughts on how to solve it. They don’t have to be full-fledged solutions – just some ideas so that I can help you move to the next step.

    Google is your friend. Don’t ask me for information without having done a bare minimum of research.

    Consider before you copy people on your e-mail. Do they need to be involved in your “thinking through the problem”?

    Never send anything without summarizing. One of the worse things that you can do to a busy manager is to forward them an e-mail, telling them to see the attached e-mails and ask what you should do.

  2. Rachel says:

    Yes to all! Do not come to me with a problem until you’ve explored at least three solutions first.

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