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Staff Augmentation

With the Information Technology sector looking for better avenues to improve their work productivity and scalability, an innovative alternative to hiring. While the method is still in progress and is slowly gaining more visibility, staff augmentation is one of the up and coming strategies to get work done without the usual hold-ups of employment. What does it comprise of and how can it benefit your startup? This blog will explore each aspect of staff augmentation so that you get the clarity you need to make your call on it. Without any further delay, let’s hop into it!

What is Staff Augmentation?

Due to the scarcity of competent professionals in some geographic areas around the world, we are facing inequality in the distribution of qualified IT HR experts. As more and more recruiters are facing shortages to provide organizations with the required talent, they are all looking for a midway to get experienced employees. While there are several organizations that have made their mode of operations more flexible for the same reason, IT staff augmentation companies present a great opportunity for them to get the work done minus any of the skill-oriented problems they face. This is especially beneficial to the start-up firms that can easily adapt to new cultures of working in a globalized environment.

Staff augmentation is now becoming very common among all organizations since the global staffing industry has made its numbers clear. It is evaluated to be worth a $490 billion industry in terms of annual spending. Platforms and hiring software bring together people and organizations from all over the world with no constraints of time zones to work together. Another way staff augmentation can take place is by way of hiring freelancers or gig workers. This is a growing industry worth billions of dollars and an effective way to get work on a tight timeline.

What Are The Benefits of Staff Augmentation?

  1. Scalability is no longer a problem: As your project keeps developing, you may be faced with the limitation of funding when it comes to scalability. Or perhaps, your team is not equipped to manage an expansion in the scale of operations. While hiring local IT professionals for such operations may get way too expensive, getting your team from overseas hiring using staff augmentation can help you match with the right professionals to help you meet the demands of scaling a company.
  2. Discover specific skills and qualifications:today, there are several niche qualifications that are coveted in the IT industry. Professionals situated locally that are adept in it may quickly be grabbed by the highest bidder, creating a disadvantageous situation for the rest. However, this gap in talent and the sheer number of positions available can be fixed with the help of staff augmentation, where foreign professionals fill the gap with their expertise in the same specific skills.
  3. Reduced costs: Hiring your staff locally is bound to cost you much more than choosing the staff augmentation route. This is because hiring locally also means that you have to pay for several perks and benefits, including fuel and commute costs. By choosing to go with staff augmentation processes, your costs may reduce up to 30%, which i a big chink of funds saved.
  4. Greater productivity:Worrying about the software deployment cycle can be a legitimate aspect of wanting to improve your process, However, there are several cons of hiring locally, which include shift or work timings out of which your employees would not operate. However, with staff augmentation, and hiring from IT-oriented countries, the workforces are already immersed in a favorable work culture that can be leveraged in order to meet your deadlines and testing requirements before deployment. Making the augmented team follow your internal workflow will not just improve your productivity but also improve your operations as a whole.
  5. Create a specialist team: Sometimes, based on the timeline and intensity of the project, you may require a specialized task force to complete the development process on time. This can be made possible with ease using the staff augmentation model, as and when you need to have them take over. Not only does this get the job done in the given timeline, but also indemnifies you of the need to hire such highly expensive talent permanently.

Is Staff Augmentation The Right Model For You?

If you’re wondering whether this way of hiring and acquiring talent is the best way for your firm, take into account the three considerations mentioned below.

  • Project Length: Resorting tostaff augmentation can assist you in meeting the requirements of a business in various ways. Still, it may not be the best solution in every case. Staff augmentation is generally the perfect choice for short-term projects as compared to long-term projects. If you think that your project will take years to complete, you’re better off hiring full-time employees rather than having a team made using staff augmentation. It could also make a great option to embark on time-bound contracts if the process leans on the longer side.
  • Secrecy and privacy: If you’re an organization that works with proprietary technology or handles private data that is not to be public knowledge, it will be beneficial to hire a full-time staff under an NDA. What happens while hiring short-term augmented staff is that they are bound by their contracts but may also get into ancillary or competitive businesses. To be honest, if your business has anything to do with confidential data, hire full-time staff.
  • Ramp-up Time: One of the biggest problems that can occur while hiring through staff augmentation is the time taken to hire. It usually is a very quick process, but if you’re waiting for weeks on end to find the right talent, perhaps saving time and hiring the local talent would be more beneficial.

Wrapping Up:

While it is a booming business soon approaching most sectors, staff augmentation is currently predominantly used in the IT industry. We hope that this blog helps you make the right decision based on your requirement and gain exponential productivity!

Author bio: Barry Brown is a content writer at Outreach Monks for the past 2 years. He holds his expertise in the business and technology niche which helps the audience to get relevant information through his blogs.


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