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Affiliate Marketing

The twenty-first century is full of opportunities. As the pandemic hit, 2020 caused havoc to many families around the globe. However, a whole lot of opportunities await you. You can grasp one to make money and get things back on track.

Amazon affiliate marketing, also known as Amazon Associates, is a wonderful money-making idea. You can make money with products that you have never produced. Yes, you can sell without spending a dime on production. You can sell a range of items too, without making any investment. Yes, it’s possible with affiliate marketing.

You can learn more about it if you visit any digital marketing website or an Amazon agency, which give valuable information on their blogs. It is easy to link your blog or website with Amazon to add a useful income stream. It works by offering you a handsome amount of commission on every referral sale.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon’s affiliate program works with affiliate marketing and generates money for the Associates. The website owners and bloggers can become Amazon Associates. It just requires signing up for the affiliate program.

You will have to generate links to advertise the products on your site once the account is approved for the associate program. The Amazon products are advertised by generating links on a blog or website. When a visitor clicks on the links, the URL will take them to the Amazon listing for that product, and this is how a blogger can earn referral fees.

This useful program is defined appropriately by Olifant Digital. You can visit the site to know further details about this specific program. It is easy to understand and even easier to execute.

Amazon Affiliate Program Rules And Requirements

Being an Amazon associate is indeed a great way to make money and monetize the blog or website. But it is also vital to understand the rules to avoid any foul play. The rules and regulations set for affiliate programs are meant to keep the program genuine and authentic. The rules are defined to set a tone for healthy marketing practices. It is necessary to understand the rules and requirements before diving into the ocean of amazon’s affiliate marketing program.

  • It is necessary to mention on your site or blog that you may be eligible to earn some money from the product’s sale under review.
  • You must not be making any deceptive claims in your referrals. All the offers should be fair and actual.
  • Referring to prices is certainly prohibited (with a few exceptions) as prices are subject to change regularly.
  • Do not use affiliate links in offline promotions like magazines, eBooks, and pamphlets.
  • Do not use link limiters on any kind of affiliate links.

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate?

Everyone wants to make money, but you need to qualify for the program before you can make money through this program. It is necessary to understand all the necessary things to work properly on this platform. The four-step strategy is defined below.

  1. Create a blog or website
  2. Visit the Amazon Associates homepage
  3. Sign up for the Amazon associate program
  4. Create Amazon affiliate links

Now let’s discuss each of the above-described steps one by one in more detail.

1. Create A Blog Or Website

You can qualify for the Amazon affiliate marketing program only when you have an active website. Your active blog or website is your gateway to success with the amazon affiliate marketing program. But it is not only a site that works for Amazon Associates; a YouTube channel or an app can also help. You just need to have any of the aforementioned tools to bring people to your site.

The tool you use to attract and engage the visitors, however, needs to be active and authentic to both users and Amazon. Once you have an active website, blog, app, or YouTube channel, the next thing to do is ensuring quality traffic to your site.

2. Visit the Amazon associate homepage

Having an active website or blog is not enough as you will have to link it to Amazon to make things happen for you. The process is simple. You just have to visit the Amazon Associates homepage to join the program for absolutely free. Once you click on the link to join, you will be taken to the Amazon account page. Here you will be required to use your existing Amazon account or will have to create a new one for proper process.

It is easy to create an account, so don’t fret if you don’t already have one. Just enter some personal and official details to get an account.

3. Sign up for the Amazon associate program

The process of sign up starts with your visit to the Amazon Associates homepage. You can carry on to complete your profile to complete the signup process properly. You are required to add up the account information upfront. Once you are done with it, then it’s time to join as an associate. But if you do not have an account, create an account first and then follow the following steps.

  • Enter the Amazon account details
  • Enter your website or channel address
  • Enter your preferred store ID
  • Explain how you are going to get traffic to your site
  • Enter your contact information, a phone number in particular.
  • Select the payment method

4. Create Amazon affiliate links

The last step in the process of applying for an Amazon affiliate marketing program is creating affiliate links. After completing the signup process, you will be taken to your personal associate homepage. Here you will follow these steps.

  • Click product linking and select product links
  • Add the ASIN of each product and click the “go” button
  • Click the “get link” button

You can also use Amazon associate SiteStripe to generate links.

The process is simple, but it can surely help you add a good income stream to your active website or blog. Affiliate marketing is serving many bloggers and entrepreneurs around the globe.


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