Annual Trainings You Need to Hold at Your Business

Training meetings are nobody’s favorite, but they are an important part of any business. It is critical that everyone in your company be onboarded correctly and kept up to speed as important changes are made. It is also a well-known fact that people learn best through repetition, which means that vital information should be shared with your team members regularly. Here are three areas of training that should be completed at least annually.


The purpose of regular Human Resource (HR) meetings is to instruct and remind staff about important human relations topics. Examples are team building, company culture, ethical training, inclusion, diversity, work/life balance, and more. Without these frequent reminders from human resource professionals, it is easy to slip into bad habits that will be destructive to team morale and the overall success of the company.


Cybersecurity isn’t just about protective software and firewalls, although that is an important aspect of it. Each employee is a potential protector or danger to your security, making it critical to train them regularly about effective measures they can take to guard against cybersecurity threats. Everyone at your business should understand their role in preventing cybersecurity events. Train your employees to use strong passwords and change them often. Additionally, educate them about current phishing scams and instruct them on how to avoid them. Above all else, teach each team member to protect sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII), both individually and for the company.


The OHSA requires employers to provide a safe working environment for workers, and safety training is a critical part of fulfilling that responsibility. One of the requirements for safety and health training is to provide necessary safety instruction to each employee in a language that they are fluent in. Things to include are proper use of equipment, regulations concerning Personal Protective Equipment, basic first aid, general health safety, industry-specific safety guidelines, and evacuation plans. Compliance with OHSA requirements will reduce the number of accidents, decrease insurance premiums, and lower the risk of future lawsuits.

Holding regular training meetings may not help your popularity status amongst your workers, but they will help your business run more efficiently, effectively, and safely—all worth a little bit of angst. And remember, food goes a long way toward appeasing your less than enthusiastic employees! The bottom line is, training is a vital part of successful management. Furthermore, it is important for you to understand which training meetings to prioritize. On the top of your list should be HR, cybersecurity, and safety.

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