How to answer stupid job interview questions

Here’s a great article on how to answer stupid job interview questions.  They are frequently illegal, but perhaps pointing that out to your interviewer might not be a winning combination:

“Thinking through your interview questions, and what exactly you are trying to achieve is very important for both the interviewer and the interviewee.  It’s something that I don’t think people spend nearly enough time doing.  – Thinking things through.

“Our client Angela went on a job interview.

“It’s supposed to be a Marketing Manager job, but they sure talk a lot about graphic design in the job ad,” said Angie. “And the job’s been posted on the company website for six months.”

Angie went to the interview and sat in a lobby for half an hour. A nice woman came to get her and deposited her in a small interviewing room. A not-as-nice lady came in and started grilling Angie with questions, taking notes as Angie spoke (no eye contact – all business!).”

via How to Answer Stupid Job Interview Questions | LinkedIn.”