Are leaders born or made?


While some people might already have the qualities and skills that make them great leaders they can still improve their leadership abilities. Even if someone doesn’t seem to be a leader, that doesn’t mean they won’t learn leadership skills from a leadership training program.

Your company’s leadership is as simple as providing leadership opportunities and training that encourages growth. You’re here to learn about leadership and how to be a great leader. Other perspectives you can learn from here.

Continue reading to find out why great leaders don’t come naturally and how you can start giving the best leadership training for your employees.

Are leaders born or trained?

People have sought to determine whether leaders can be taught or are born with leadership abilities for decades. Recent scientific research suggests that leadership is 30% genetic. 70% of leaders learned. These results suggest that leaders are not born.

Both can be true. A person can have natural leadership skills and can also learn to be a great leader at work. No matter if someone is “born a leader”, everyone can learn new skills and improve their leadership abilities.

Organizations are incredibly fortunate to have the ability to train their leaders. It doesn’t take long for someone with natural leadership skills to come along; you can begin training great leaders right away.

In addition to preparing your employees for higher-ranking positions, offering leadership training to them has many benefits.

  • Employee turnover is reduced
  • Leader confidence increases
  • Double-digit YOY revenue growth
  • Higher training satisfaction rates

It’s not enough to know how leaders can be trained and the benefits of leadership training. You must also know what leadership training looks like for managers and employees.

Leadership Training for Managers

You want to make sure that your leadership program is effective and delivers the results you are looking for.

Each company is unique and will require different topics for each team. The best leadership training has some similarities. These are the three key points to remember when creating your leadership training program.

Goal-oriented Training

Your training must be goal-oriented. You have goals and objectives for your business, but it’s not possible to do them all by yourself. Leaders in your organization need to know how to reach their goals.

  • What are your business goals overall?
  • Are your managers aware of these goals?
  • Do your managers have the ability to guide their teams towards these goals?

Managers are your feet on the ground. Managers are the ones who guide and direct employees and teams towards company goals. Your managers should be able to understand the company’s goals, and confidently lead others in the right direction.

When creating a leadership program, think about whether your employees will be able to understand our goals and how they can be achieved.

Engaging and Compelling Content

After you have made your goals the focus of the training, it is time to start thinking about the content. Engaging and compelling content is the key to great leadership training.

It’s no longer enough to just provide information about how to be a leader. Engaging and compelling content is essential for employees. It’s not appealing to people to sit through long seminars, read long paragraphs of text, or watch boring videos. Your training content should be designed to increase learner retention.

How can you motivate employees and provide valuable training content for them?

It is important to be creative and customize your program. An LMS, or learning management system, is an online platform that lets you distribute training content to employees in many forms. An LMS can help you engage employees in many ways.

  • Microlearning videos
  • Gamification
  • Online instructor-led training.

Employees can learn in a new way by using different content modes. These modes help to increase learner engagement and retention.

Remote Accessibility

Finally, your potential leaders should be able to access training content remotely and quickly.

The business world has changed. Training doesn’t have to be stopped or slowed down in remote environments.

We mentioned above that LMSs are a great way to provide engaging training content. You can also make your training available from anywhere, at any hour of the day or night.

You can’t ignore the value and benefit of employees being able to continue training, even if you’re moving your company back to the office. If your company is located far away, you will need a way for leaders to be trained and developed from the outside.

Your leaders can use an LMS to access training anywhere they want, whether it’s at home, at work, or in a coworking space.

Expert Help Developing Good Leadership Training

Any organization looking to grow and reach its goals must have great leaders. Great leaders are possible in every organization without the need to hire more senior-level staff.

Many believe there is a difference between a natural leader and a made one. Some people have natural leadership skills. Even the most experienced leaders can still learn new skills and have room for improvement. Recent research you can read more about also suggests that leaders are not created.

Leaders can be trained and developed to improve their leadership abilities.

While your specific needs for training programs may be different from those of other organizations, the best leadership training are:

  • Goal-oriented
  • Engaging and captivating
  • Remotely accessible

Your managers and employees should know how to be a leader. Give them the training they need and enjoy your company.


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