Are You a Mom Reentering the Workforce?

~by Haley Lynn Gray~

If you have taken time off to have kids, chances are you thought that reentering the workforce would be easy when the time came.

However, many women are finding that stepping out to take care of children has a significantly negative impact on their careers. It can be far harder to find a job, and even when they do find a job, frequently they have to take a huge step backwards, sometimes even starting over again in their careers, if they can even get hired in the first place.

Working Mom

Working Mom Reentering Workforce

Adding to the challenge, most of them still have relatively young children, so they need to ensure that they still retain flexibility in scheduling, because chances are, getting back into the job market means that they are going to be earning less than their spouse who has continued to work. Now, this is a two way street – if a man stays home with his children, he faces the same hurdles, but most of the parents who elect to stay at home with kids when they’re little are women. 

So, what’s a parent to do?

There are so many Multilevel Marketing schemes out there that it can practically make your head spin. The problem is, unless you are absolutely fantastic with sales, and you are willing to put a gazillion hours into it, and recruit the heck out of getting people to be your downline, you’re not really going to make any money at it. I think that for most people, MLM’s are not the best way to go because you’re just putting money back into other people’s pockets.

The other option is to start your own business, using skills you likely already had while working in corporate America and while managing a growing household. 

Truth is, many of the skills you already have translate over to owning your own business. Multitasking, customer service, and more, translate just fine.  You can craft a career that may be demanding, but it will accommodate your family, and your family’s needs. If you need to take time off to take a kid to the doctor, you’re not exactly going to get a ‘talking to’ from the boss. You will end up having to make that time up later, once the kids are in bed though. 

Being your own boss, puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to make money on your own terms. You can put as much or as little time into it as you need (within reason), and your results will correspond the same way.  Being an entrepreneur can be a fantastic option for moms who want to make some money, and get back into the job market. They certainly aren’t going to face any discrimination while doing it, either. That’s because people have a huge amount of respect for entrepreneurs.

Now, how will you start your business? How will you make it a success?

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Meet the Author: Haley Lynn Gray

Haley Lynn Gray, Business Coach and Founder of Leadership Girl

Haley Lynn Gray

Haley helps female entrepreneurs create a strategy plan for their businesses – so they can make enough money to spend quality time with their family, pay for their children’s dance lessons, pay bills – and not worry about where the next client is coming from.

Haley is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Leadership Girl. She offers Business Coaching, Business Plan Development and Strategy Sessions for entrepreneurs. Whether you want to get a new business off the ground or expand an existing business, Haley can assist you.

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