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If you’ve ever felt like you’re in a creative rut, you’re not alone. No matter what our profession may be, we all face times where our creative thinking feels stifled and we can’t seem to progress with an idea. Creativity is an essential component of nearly every industry, as it guides innovation and new ways of approaching solutions. So how do we go about exercising our creativity muscles and breaking through those lulls where we just can’t seem to find new inspiration? We look to some of the most creative minds out there, and draw inspiration from their methods of unleashing creative thinking. Salvador Dali, though eccentric and unpredictable, was one of the most iconic Surrealist artists to ever walk this earth, and there is much we can learn from his creative mind and how he approached discovering new ideas. Invaluable created a neat visual that outlines ways to harness creativity like Salvador Dali. Gather inspiration for the next time you can’t seem to shake that creative rut, and utilize Dali’s methods and procedures for creating new, inventive thoughts.

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