Ask For Help

Ask For Help

I have the Getting in Touch With Your Inner Bitch Calendar on my desk at work, because I thought I needed some reminders to do for myself, instead of always doing for others.  It has been eye opening.  Today’s Quote is “It’s the strong ones who ask for help” ~anonymous.  I think that is a great reminder.  None of us is as strong as all of us.  It takes a village to raise a child, but sometimes it also takes a village to keep a mom who does way too much going.  It’s a reminder that accepting help is a sign of strength and not of weakness.  It’s something that I’m also not very good at doing sometimes. Many times,  I know I need help, but figuring out what help is can be tricky, and require thought.

I’ve found that lately, I’m keeping an entire village going, accepting help, and still, I need to ask for more.  Between all of the people I have working on my dad,  working with my kids, and help around the house, it is a mind-boggling enterprise.  But still, sometimes when I need real help- with the tricky things, like planning a GS outing, or planning and executing a particular meal at home is where I fall apart.  It’s the little things that sometimes slip on through the cracks and get missed.

Sometimes I find myself wishing that someone would accept MY help, because I’ve already solved a particular problem several times over, and have a ton of resources at my fingertips.  Yet, many times, even when they know I’ve been through it, have the battle scars to show for it, they are reluctant to ask for help.  I’ve seen it with friends who are approaching similar parent issues, with an ailing parent.  I already have a long list of resources that have proven reliable.  Or when a friend needs a tutor for a child, I’ve already got one, but they spend a lot of time searching for other alternatives.  I’m sure I do it too.  It’s a lesson I’m learning.  It is quite simply- Ask for help.  Admit it when I’ve hit a wall, and really do need help to avoid thrashing.

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