Balancing Business and Family: How to Be a Digital Nomad with Kids

Balancing Business and Family with Kids
January 5, 2020
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Being a digital nomad probably sounds like a great idea to free spirits and those with a sense of adventure. And why not? With the expansion of online jobs, we’re no longer bound by an office, a city, or even a country. In fact, as long as you do your job on time, you can be anywhere in the world, which can allow you to see the world and meet incredible people on every continent. This concept of living in many different places throughout your life may be too appealing for some people to pass. However, once you have children depending on you, things can get slightly more complicated. Some will say that kids need to stay in a single place in order to have a normal life, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be true. Here are some ways you can handle the issues of being a digital nomad with children. 

Choosing where to go

Healthy adults usually have a fully developed immune system and are resistant to some conditions which might prove to be harmful for children. So, as much as certain exotic destination might sound attractive, you should always put your kids’ safety and health first. Choosing destinations where your kids’ well-being won’t be in any jeopardy is a must. Before you make any final decisions about the next place you want to travel to, consider the environment there, the illnesses which are common to that area and social issues, such as crime rate or the possibility of a war. That way the entire family will be able to fully enjoy the place and reap all the benefits of staying there.

Consider schooling

Whether you spent your entire life in one home or moved every few months, once you become a parent, all you want is what’s best for your kids. This includes their education. Even if you decide for your family to become a nomadic one, you’ll still want to provide your children with proper education. One option is to enroll them in a new school every time you move. Another option is to choose online schooling or pay tutors to teach them. If you believe you’re up to the challenge, you can even school them yourself. In any case, one thing you can rely on is that living in different places will most likely provide your kids with priceless practical knowledge and various skills they can learn from being in contact with different places, cultures, situations, and people.

Think about socialization

When you change your location often, it can be extremely difficult for children to create any meaningful bonds and to form long-lasting relationships with other children their age. Plus, moving to different countries means that your kids might not even know the local language and can’t communicate properly with anybody around them. One way to overcome this problem is to stay at one place at least for as long as a school year lasts. Also, it’s important for you to spend a lot of time with your kids, to ensure they develop certain social skills. It’s essential that you find time for this, and if you can’t, try adjusting to the situation. If it means having more time for your little ones, maybe you can order a meal instead of cooking it, or use the Internet to help you. Instead of spending hours browsing through the stores, a better idea is to find a reliable women’s online fashion boutique and have quality clothes delivered to your front door for free. Also, try to organize your day so that you work while your children have classes, so that you’re free for them when they’re done. 

Learn about medical insurance

One of the things that you have to deal with as soon as you choose the next location for your family is health care. Wherever you go abroad, you should always get medical insurance for you and your kids. Choosing one that covers several countries may be the best way to go. You may feel perfectly fine and your kids might seem healthy, but don’t forget that accidents and injuries take only a moment to happen, and you have to be prepared to react and covered for such cases, no matter where you find yourself. And don’t forget that you might need a medical checkup for your kids before moving to certain countries, as well as immunization for some diseases. Finally, your insurance should also cover a dentist and an ophthalmologist, just to stay on the safe side. 

Know where to seek help

When you live in one place, you have some sense of stability. This means that you probably have a daycare picked for when you want somebody to take care of your kids, or that you have a trustworthy babysitter on your speed dial. Or, better yet, if your parents or siblings are nearby, they can help you when you need them. However, this isn’t something you can count on when you’re frequently on the road. Luckily, you can now go through online reviews and use other people’s experiences to find the perfect babysitter or a kindergarten where you can drop your kids off from time to time, when you need some time for yourself or for work. 

Although digital nomadism comes with many challenges, you can make it work by planning everything carefully and addressing problems as soon as they arise. All it takes is some will and strong family relationships and you’ll be able to live the live you’ve always wanted. 


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