The Basics of Starting a Home-Based Business for Seniors Who Are Up for the Challenge

Starting a Home-Based Business for Seniors
November 17, 2019
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Seniors today sometimes find themselves torn between going back to work and maintaining the freedom they have as retirees. One option that gives you the best of both worlds is to start your own home-based business. When you run your own business, you don’t have to work around someone else’s schedule, but you still reap the benefits of earning an income. 

Seek Online Opportunities

The great thing about starting a home-based business is that there are now more opportunities to do so than ever before. Between news, entertainment, hobbies, and shopping, much of life happens on digital platforms, and tech is readily available to us all. With all that in mind, it’s only natural to consider a home-based business that’s internet-based. And for seniors, having an online business is ideal because it typically requires a very low investment to begin, and working from home is ultra-convenient.

One opportunity that’s continually growing is the world of e-commerce. Even if you’ve never run a website, there’s a world of resources out there to help you learn all you need to start your own e-commerce store. Instead of going to a general search engine, try searching through an e-commerce-specific source to build up your knowledge base. It’s the perfect spot to learn the basics, like how to write a business plan and establish your domain name. 

Then move onto the more advanced topics like best practices in advertising, growth hacking, and how to make the most of public relations. Spending time researching this information right from the start will not only help you get established but it will also help make sure your new business stands apart from the crowd.

Decide on a Structure

Another major decision is how you want to structure your business. Rather than creating a unique new business, some people feel more comfortable working as a freelancer. Being a freelancer takes the worry out of working independently because you can get started without any real investment of time or money. It’s also easy to find freelance jobs through sites like Upwork, which help you connect with companies that are looking for professionals in all kinds of industries.

If you’re ready to jump into creating your own web-based business now, there are still important decisions you need to make about logistics. One decision is whether you want to use a website builder and do the work on your own, or whether you want to hire a developer to build your website. 

Another key question is what kind of business plan you want to develop. A simple e-commerce website is an easy way to go, but there are other ways to make money online besides e-commerce. For example, if you’re a good writer and have an interest you want to share, you may want to start a blog

Before you launch, brainstorm ideas for how you can monetize your blog. As Forbes shows with their list of ways to make money from a blog, these opportunities are numerous. Depending on your niche, you may want to sell an affiliate product, sell ad space, or use your blog as a way of promoting additional services you can provide.

Use What You Know 

One service that is in high demand, and that you can do from home, is to become a coach or consultant in your field. Kiplinger explains that many retirees miss the sense of fulfillment they got from their careers, but what they don’t miss are the headaches of office requirements like performance reviews and meetings. Consulting is the perfect fit for those who have a level of expertise to offer but who want the freedom to work on their own without having to deal with those headaches.

The great thing about any of these ideas is that you’re entering a field that’s going to continue to grow. While home-based businesses that rely on digital platforms may be a newer trend, that doesn’t mean it’s something that will come and go. Web-based business is where the future is headed, so there’s really nowhere to go but up when you start working for yourself online.

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Nyago Michael Emmanuel

Nyago Michael Emmanuel

We invite many people who can invest in our Akiba Ya umoja community benefit savings and investment group of Uganda to enable us expand our operations in Uganda

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